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Mohd Arshad
SEO Blogger, Entrepreneurship and Growth Hacker.
SEO Blogger, Entrepreneurship and Growth Hacker.

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We (community members) are really proud that our little problems to SEO are getting solved with our members only. So, we request do no spam this community. If any of you think there posts are simply spamming for their benefits then comment the member name so that we can review and ban the member.

Help us to keep this community safe and better learning.
P.S> We help each other and grow with others.

Anyone here using a jailbroken iPhone 5 with a latest update?

According to you, rate the best search engine in order.
2. Bing
3. Yahoo
4. Duck Duck Go
5. Ask
6. Baidu( Incase, if you find the relevancy)
7. Facebook(At least, with their new update in their latest announcement )
8. Conduit
9. Yandex
10. AOL
11. Guruji
12. Yummly 
13. Others( Add up if i miss any)

It's all about how best the search is performed by the engines keeping the relevancy and speed level to the appropriate keyword searched.

I really love Tech Memes. Thanks for the invitation +Herb Firestone  

Do this community really need a "Job" category?

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Anybody here, heard of Auxo app which is available on jailbroken devices. I guess it is right now available on iOS 5 version only, sooner it will be coming up for iOS 6.

Auxo app improves the app switcher and great notification inituitive too. Check out this video.

Auxo improves the iOS App Switcher - Now Available!

People here are more interested in marketing their articles than sharing the original ideas or views on iPhone. 

P.S> spamming is prohibited. Let's learn and grow this community.

SEO means making sure search engines can find, properly classify and value content. “Properly” means “from the perspective of a human being performing a relevant query.” So, while link buying, etc. may help with rankings, it’s not really SEO so much as a way of getting around true SEO. That’s why so many “short cut” tactics get sites into so much trouble.
--Ian Lurie

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Must read. It shows how important the content and web designs to both search engine and website owners. Go for good content not for good ranking.

Thanks +Khadim Batti  for the share.

Merry Christmas to all!!
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