Attention Minnesota Photographers:

I serve as the moderator for the MN Photographers public circle project. This is part of a global project by popular photographer Scott Jarvie to maintain lists of local photographers on Google+.

As the moderator, I maintain two circles:
1) A circle that includes all of the MN photographers that I have found or have been brought to my attention. Due to a Google+ limitation, this circle is too large to be easily shared (roughly 500 and counting). This first circle allows me to maintain the 2nd circle...
2) A circle with 200 of the most interactive MN photographers on Google+.
The second circle is distributed publicly by Scott Jarvie to his followers (over 30k so far) and I will be sharing the circle amongst you all (one simple click and you add all photographers to a circle of your choosing). This will serve as an Google+ community to collaborate with photographers in MN!

The full list of those in my first circle (as of 10/20/2011) can be found here:

To check to see if you are in the complete MN circle:
Scroll down this page and look for "Other Names". If you see "You are included in the MN Photographers Circle", then you are in it.
If you are not on my list of MN photographers, please leave a comment below so I may add you.
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