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Private Pregnancy UK
A private healthcare initiative for mums-to-be in the UK
A private healthcare initiative for mums-to-be in the UK

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HALF OF ALL BABIES now born in the UK are to mums over 30.

Recent research shows that statistically, children born to older mums tend to be 'smarter'. But some worry about the trend of delaying motherhood, as pregnancies to older women are associated with higher rates of complications.

What do you think? And how old were you when you had your first?

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Top 5 exercises for pregnant women.

Pregnant? Don't feel like moving from the sofa? Not sure what kind of exercise you are 'allowed' to do. Is it risky?

As long as you are not trying anything you haven't done before and are able to hold a conversation, without overheating, you should be carrying on with, or gently starting, an exercise routine.

Here are the best types of exercise for pregnant women ...

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February staff picks are here. Browse the best in new baby and pregnancy products at your leisure ...

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Male fertility.

Over 40% of infertility in couples can be attributed to issues of male infertility. 

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Fertility testing in your 20s/early 30s

You should test your fertility sooner rather than later so you know where you are in your 'fertile lifespan'. 

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Male fertility app.

YO Home Sperm test allows men to test their fertility in the privacy of their own home. It's FDA approved, simple, relatively cheap and gives instant results.

Male infertility accounts for 40% of fertility issues in couples who have been trying for a year to get pregnant without success. However fertility tests and treatments traditionally have been targeted towards female infertility.

The hope is that men will be more willing to check their fertility so that fertility complications will be detected earlier. YO is different to other home test kits in that it tests sperm count and sperm motility levels. 

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Baby vision.

Ever wondered what your baby can see as she develops? To put it into perspective, eye surgeon Dr Romesh Angunawela of Clinic Compare has developed a series of gifs, showing the transformation from birth to 12 months.

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Wow it’s cold! Nothing like a bit of frost to make the world beautiful but also to make you want to stay in bed … If you’re curled up avoiding the cold, or home from a busy day, we have some good advice about what you need for baby in 2017.

Here at Private Pregnancy we have lots of experience in all matters of pregnancy and young children, so we’ve scoured the shops and used our own experience to make pregnancy and motherhood that little bit easier for you.

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My Beehive - holding your hand through IVF ...

My Beehive, the brainchild of Saskia Boujo, is an individually tailored and very unique IVF support service that complements perfectly the medical treatment available to couples with fertility issues.

If you feel alone, confused and even inadequate, My Beehive is there to hold your hand throughout your fertility journey.

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Even if you're not ready to start a family, this article highlights the importance of 'engaging' with out fertility earlier, so that we can overcome issues that we may have before starting a family.
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