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Lynne Hazelden

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My Story! "UK cancer treatment: When ‘out of the ordinary’ means ‘out of luck’" written by NGO, The Alliance for Natural Health.
I am so honoured that they have taken on supporting me in bringing POSITIVE CHANGE to the NHS for everyONE, please support me?

ANH are an international organisation who are active at government level, to bring change to things WE all care about. Check them out!

Please feel free to share and work with us to help create a new pathway for all of us and more choice
, love lynne  hazelden
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Bon souar

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Lynne Hazelden

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Our Most beautiful video to promote Peace Day GLOBAL TRUCE.. hope you love it
take a peak?
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Lynne Hazelden

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Yes.. I was, in +Star Wars Return of the Jedi.. above is my character collectors card 'Karie Neth'  X Wing Pilot you can read about my journey on the link below mark dermul has a interview i did .. link is there on the right of that profile xx  tee hee .. worked on most of the block busters of that time passing through london .. it was fab x
Lynne Hazelden Peace Pioneer ~ Actor ~ Philosophical Poet & Writer ~ Transformation ~ Facilitator
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For other things you can find out more here on IMDB
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Lynne Hazelden

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Delighted to find Professor Brian Cox in the Madagascan jungle recently. We had to drag our girls away after they met him!
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Lynne Hazelden

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I don't really 'get' google + .. i don't feel community or that connected.. clearly i am missing some skills or the plot? how are you connecting with people? I would love to understand how better to thrive and feel part of things.. but i don't .. so share away! love lynne x
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Lynne Hazelden

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Read HOW my friends Shifted; FEAR of Fund-raising into OPENINGS, Connection, COMMUNITY & finding courage- that even Won THEM Awards!
Read HOW my friends Shifted; FEAR of #Fundraising into OPENINGS, Connection, COMMUNITY & finding courage- that even Won THEM Awards!
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Lynne Hazelden

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Our friend Shawn singing this beautiful song.. thanks for always being there for peace in our lifetime, my dear friend xxx lynne x
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Lynne Hazelden

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And NOW the Para Olympic Games begin.. 29th August  What human potential is all about! :)
Official Olympic Schedule & Results for the London 2012 Summer Olympics. Full Competition Schedule by Day or by Sport. Live updates. Mobile App available!
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Lynne Hazelden

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Follow my news updates and KEEP UP about the Cancer Vaccines .. they ARE the future.  By using a piece of your own tumour, with stem cells or partially matched dna dendrick cells ( a 2 hour process like dialysis for the donor no side effects.. just grabbing white cells ) they create a vaccine, then put back in body.. they see your cancer kill it, and their immune white cells train yours to see your cancer in the future. correcting the original problem that created the cancer ( your immune system stopped seeing it) .. amazing.. non toxic .. they have this in Israel, Germany, we had it on NHS uk lost funding due to clinic standards going up and not being funded.. (why? ) and now many are announcing all over the world in trials.. but we can have it here now.. lets find the funding x
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Lynne Hazelden

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Will you join us this peace day raising awareness of global truce 2012 IDP by thanking people? We declare peace day, a day of Gratitude & Thanks.. who will YOU thank on peace day? Charities, Groups, pages, communities for nature, environment or humanity , local or global.. schools... everyone can thank some one and celebrate.. Radio stations, TV and MEDIA ..  Here is HOW TO GET INVOLVED

Will you join us?
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Lynne Hazelden

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great work x
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Peace Pioneer, GoodWill Ambassador, Transformation Facilitator/Coach, Poet, Writer, Actress
Introduction: Peace in our Lifetime


I have launched a website called Planting Seeds & The Kind Foundation which is a culmination of 18 yrs of my life's work.

I hope you will support this wonderfully bold initiative, not just because it is important to me but because truly if you look into your heart, you do choose Peace.

Whilst a REAL experiment, it is also meant to be fun way to find out what we are capable of. ~ It is based on serious matters which I believe we know it is time for us to all address. Can we shift mass consciousness, instead of just debating and talking about it?. There is only one way to find out ... To do it!

So, how can you get involved? Simply download your own FREE Personalised Certificate jpeg with your own number and be counted. It is yours, with your voice represented for life.

All done! You can put it in the sock draw, If you are inspired, then also put it on your website with a link to ours. You can even print it on everything…

I have mine on my T-Shirt :~

We're all unique and see the world differently, and yet

we are one voice standing together for peace”

This beautiful certificate will show your voice number counted in the middle.

It is designed simply to link us all, no matter our own expression of peace, albeit be for

Nature ~ Humanity ~ Environment

Our website, designed to be a place where humanity can shine and be inspired.. I am asking YOU to go to our website, download your free personalised banner & join us!

Much love

Lynne ~ Planting Seeds & The Kind Foundation


For those who are interested in more info:

Where did this come from?

In 1986, I was privileged to work on Amnesty Internationals 'The Secret Policeman's lll Ball', which led on to 'Nelson Mandela's 70th Birthday' Live Music event at Wembley, London, I was the personal Assistant to the Exec Producer, the visionary Neville Bolt. I learned about what a vision plus a global group of people speaking up can accomplish ~ and when Mandela was freed later, seeing that he went on to facilitate the end of Apartheid in South Africa, it has left me with a taste for big adventures. I’m also just a little partial to taking on impossible promises with outrageous goals I guess lol!

I worked on staff at The Hunger Project (THP) in 1991 as Assistant and Personal Coach for 6 months for CEO - Andy Davis CEO UK/Europe, European Income Director - Thomas Zwiefel and all the European CEO's.  I had facilitated a paradigm shift in our relationship to ending hunger in partnership previously (at the European CEO meetings in Bamburg, Dec 1990), from one of guilt, insufficiency and “not enough” to Celebrating Life by Ending Hunger. We fulfilled our goal of raising 5 times the previous year’s fund-raising goal in Europe in just 6 months! In this time the Berlin Wall came down and things I had been told would never happen in our lifetime, did happen, and continue to happen, even though we quickly forget about them.

During 1991 I sent a document to a few World Leaders called 'A Future for Communication' which you can read here :

This declares a new age; 'The Age of Thinking and Being Alive' and it invites you to step into it. Lol! Bold? Sure, and why not? I knew something had to change and that we have this capacity to create a world of peace, as I had experienced a personal transformation myself, from a life of one of complete suffering to one of profound inner peace ~ and given my past, I would have said impossible.

Excerpts from 'A Future for Communication:

In this context I look at war with no blame. As an adult I can see that war is an expression of the level of communication we have achieved so far on a planet full of human beings who already know the best thing for themselves, a planet where our ancestors determine the future and our cultures determine who we are. We believe we know best or at least have an idea of the right way to live in peace on this earth. We stand on ground that our ancestors say we own, and fight the elements as though they cannot understand who we are. We are sheer children in mastering communication. When we have tried every way we know how, we then DO war. As an adult we can own up to not knowing how to, and look beyond what we know. I see that this level of communication is present not only in countries who fight each other, but in all countries and at all levels, governments, management, and families. This exact same human being makes the world wrong and then will not talk to their next door neighbour, worse will not speak to members of their own family, gives up and expresses this same breakdown in communication by either saying they don't like them, or get on with them. So it may not be personal, maybe we are all just playing at war with each other, robbery, rape, murder, sending people to Coventry right here, right in this room with people we just give up on and do our own version of war to. Now as a child I will hear this and get upset as though someone is to blame. As an adult, I can look and recognise when I do this and own up to it, head held high and without loss of sleep.

I am not looking for answers, more like acknowledging that every child is already born to have this possible future. Some people and communities have already recognised this. What we can do now is declare a new age. I use declaration in this document to create a future to live into which includes everyone. When George Washington declared independence it did not exist like a thing/object, but it did express a future for everyone in that community to look to and from which to shape their actions. It also provides a context for something that already exists in the world and a place in it which can grow. I can see a future where people generate this for themselves, without having to be part of a development group or practice.

If I step into the age of thinking and being alive, I can look from there, and have humility and see where I can begin to talk to those I could not talk to and learn to master communication in those moments. Then I can be face to face with who I really am being without loss of face or dignity. Looking good becomes a thing of the past and my communication is an expression of myself.

From late 1991, I then worked for 5 yrs in a pioneering IT company called SilverPlatter Information led by visionary and entrepreneur Bela Hatvany and was accountable for launching the first commercial information service on SuperJANET, in partnership with UCL (London) and Sun Microsystems. I saw the power of the internet, I understood clearly that the structure and where it was heading.

By, 1995 I had fully awoken to the possibility of using the Internet's potential as more people had computers in their homes and laptops became normal part of business and life... we now have the ability to connect us in a way never been possible before. Now having this work experience, knowledge and also now having spent 6 yrs myself in transformational training and development work, I was now leading to people and pioneering new courses in my spare time.

I was in the middle of bringing courses for families, specifically Young People & Teens to Europe. We were engaging in a conversation for our potential with this community; by training, leading directly and as time went on, passing it on to others; building a community of about 1000 people throughout Europe over 9 yrs, in my spare time. Those courses were with children from 5 countries at a time (being translated via headphones!) and had them engaging simultaneously in questions such as 'What is it to be alive?' and 'What is the possibility of my life'. This led them to an opening to celebrate their lives and freely, powerfully to be fully expressed uniquely as themselves, with the potential for a life without suffering, resisting, struggling and free choice. Yet the natural outcome of this was that they would see responsibility as a freedom vs. a burden. Many naturally desired the world to work and wanted to take care of this planet and all that live on it.

It was the most incredible and awakening time for me to understand our great human potential. Bringing these courses to Europe for Children is probably the biggest accomplishment of my life and the one thing I guess that I most proud of. I realised we can all live in peace and inner peace was key to this.

An accumulation of this insight and experiences then led me to write a source document for a peace initiative which combined all these things... peace.doc can be read here

Not having time to follow this insight, I decided to send it as an idea out into the world to plant seeds so it could grow. At this time, I had contacts all over the world working in different levels of life. Given the above, I knew that it was something that someone may be able to consider and take on. It was a proposal for a global peace initiative where we gather the whole planet to wish, pray, meditate and celebrate Peace – but standing together 'in one moment' creating an energetic connection and focus and so to declare their wish freely in their own way, for peace with the intention to test theories and to create a shift in mass consciousness.

After 9 yrs volunteering in this work, then returning to Film & television in front and behind the Camera, I took the decision to have a break and to go backpacking to Australia & New Zealand. To give my body time to recover from an onset of allergy related problems with my teeth that had begun to show up in 1994, plus a small car accident in 1995. So I went to visit my long lost Aunt in Oz who had recently just found us, who was adopted at birth. This time was healing, nurturing and beautiful. I connected with people from all over the world and spent the millennium celebration on Sydney Harbour dock, squished side by side with thousand of people – simply sobbing in compete happiness, as I was present to one of the first truly global events that connected us all. The energy was clear and amazing. I experienced profound peace being there squashed with them all, and insignificant, and truly knew and sensed in that moment that we definitely have the potential to live side by side peacefully and the capacity to honour each other; If we have a context for our existence that can include everyone uniquely celebrating life... ah yes here we are again . Life as a Celebration!

In 2001, I begun to find out that there was a serious problem with my health – and by 2002 whilst having my mercury/ amalgam fillings replaced (as it turned out Guy's hospital admitted I was rarely proven allergic to them). With the experience of my brain sticking to my head and other awful issues during replacements, I felt something burst in my head and began to have to lay down. The next three years I spent mostly in bed and unable to function. Without going into details, I was in bed for three years barely awake, dribbling and trying to seem normal when I went out. I could not feed, clean, cook or walk far but kept trying to maintain the appearance of being a normal person outside home. As I had more windows of time being upright, I took on trying to work a little more but only managing to teach a few hours and finding I was crashing the whole time in-between. Having realised that life as I knew it was over, I knew my future was one of spending most of my life resting and small patches of trying to be normal ~ I surrendered and realised I had a choice, suffer about it or celebrate life just the way it is.

This was a kind of transformation I managed quite early on and whilst periods of despair came and went, I began to maintain a normal and very un-normal life here in bed. I still spend most of it here but it has been very useful. I found that one can make this choice for inner peace and live life from there regardless of circumstances or have to do battle with life itself and others. As I began to have a little time to consider this and my brain function improved ( I still have short term memory problems, exhaustion from small effort and pain in my body if I do not manage my life well) I began to have moment of great possibility for myself and others present most of the time. I found myself able to love my life regardless and it became about having others lives be great and cheering them on in what they are up to.

I have learned that we can suffer or have our lives make difference, simply by celebrating our lives in our own unique way, regardless of circumstance.

2007, All this led to here now... to a culmination of my life's work or should I just say existence ~ This Peace Initiative, a small banner/ certificate counting your voice to one stand for humanity ~ IS the smallest thing I could imagine, with the biggest potential outcome and the least effort for me and you lol!

SO I am asking YOU to choose what is in your heart, to step beyond your mind, reasons and justifications and follow it – I am asking you to choose Peace, download you banner and have your voice counted. Wiser people than me say if we did this, something would change or at least life will never be the same. There is only one way to test spiritual texts and Quantum scientist theories.. By actually counting, standing together and finding out what our potential is.

I hope you will join us

much love

Lynne Copyright: All words, ideas & website / associated documents

Bragging rights
Was featured in Many Movies from StarWars to The Meaning of Life. you can find me on IMDB. Whilst recovering from severe allergic reaction in 2002 and recently major surgery for breast cancer have inspired a global community to unite for peace mostly from bed or laying down as and when I can. Inspiring people to give time for free and to perform LIVE in London. I played WaterPolo and was selected for the 1st Ever Official Womens GB Waterpolo Squad in early 90's. I dabble at writing songs.. Whilst limited.. I tend to ask the question.. 'What can I do, contribute now?' I entered 'The Top Spiritual Author Competition' and got to the last 250 but could not play full out due to health issues. I find editing things hard due to mercury damage from the allergic reaction so I just shoot from the heart nowadays. I held the local swimming club record for 200m Freestyle under 15's for 20yrs! Worked on The Nelson Mandela Tribute, John Lennon Tirbute & The Secret Poiiceman's lll Ball as Assistant to Exec producer .. was pretty cool! Prob lots more if I had time to write it down.
Basic Information
Founder Planting Seeds & The Kind Foundation - Peace in OUR Lifetime Initiative
  • Planting Seeds & The Kind Foundation Founder
    Visionary - Unpaid - when I can, from the Heart, 1991 - present
  • The Hunger Project
    Assistant Coach to CEO THP Europe/ Income Director, 1990 - 1990
  • SilverPlatter Information
    Technology Relations Manager, 1990 - 1995
  • Worthing Aquarena
    Aqua Aerobics Instructor, 2002 - 2010
  • Actress - Film Production
    Actor, Stand In , Production Assistant, 1981 - 2002
  • David Lloyd Fitness
    P/T Swim Teacher / Aqua Instructor, 2004 - 2005
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Lynne Hazelden is fundraising for Yes to Life

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