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Liza Sperling originally shared:
Robots dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller - - - ah-mazing!
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its stuff like this that keeps us technologically advanced over Japan.
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Andrew Carrano

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Cory Pavicich originally shared:
Dear Facebook,

It’s not me, it’s you.

I feel like we tried to make it work. I know you helped me through that rough patch with MySpace. You showed me that she was a trashy girl I could never take home to mom. You came along, and even my mom was on board. I convinced myself that we had such a bright future. But It’s over; I've met someone new.

Our problem is lack of communication: no matter how hard I tried to tell you what I wanted, you never seemed to listen. I need trust in a relationship, but you keep sharing my secrets with people who shouldn't know, often without asking my permission. And it it isn’t just the things I tell you; remember those pictures my friend showed you? The ones from when I thought you weren’t looking? “Hey Look!” you said, like everyone needed to know, “Look who is in this picture!” I was so embarrassed. And then all the times I thought I knew you, only to wake up and find you acting strange and different. I can tell you now, it never really worked. It was like you realized it was unfashionable to wear socks with sandals, and thought all you needed was a new pair of socks. I can see you for who you really are: just another start-up floozy who took my love for granted. Well, things have changed.

You may be tempted not to believe me. There was that time I flirted with Twitter and you got all hot and bothered about a three way, but her attention span was too short. And then there were Buzz and Wave, but they were like your best friend’s little sister who was only cute until her scoliosis took over. And honestly Facebook, I think you saw this coming. After all, your rushed attempt to spice things up with Skype just seemed desperate--too little, too late. Besides, I hear she’s in a new relationship with a jealous old flame.

Facebook, I’ve found someone new, and she just seems to understand me better than you. Maybe I’ll share some things with you from time to time, but don’t count on it. Now I know I deserve better. I found the spark we are missing. I travel in new circles.

Let me put it in terms I think you’ll understand: Facebook, let’s just be friends.


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