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About Digital Analytics, being creepy and the law

Little entertaining and informative video about being creepy with data from my friend +Jim Sterne.

What about those companies that are building very detailed profiles from your social media and sell the data without your content? Most of those companies are in the US - I got targeted by Social123 a while ago and it backfired on them (see and more recently, it was the turn of SharpSpring to send me an unsolicited email about their service (call it spam) - going as far as sending me a screenshot of what they know about me! I pointed out their business would be illegal in Canada under the PIPEDA law, and starting July 1st, spammers can be fined up to $10M (see

As an analyst and digital analytics advocate, I can't stress enough the importance of ethics and knowing about the law (I'm sure +Aurelie Pols  will agree with me!). The +Digital Analytics Association  code of ethic is a good read for everyone in the field:

Thoughts? What do you think of services like Social123 or SharpSpring and tons of others (most of them in the US)? If you are a Canadian, do you think the new anti-spam law will work?

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Great help, comment
Hello friends!
I cannot share my posts with the picture above and the zig-zag line below. Any suggestion?

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Interesting panel 
+Virgin presents +Richard Branson, Tony Fadell, +Megan Smith, +Guy Kawasaki, and Dave Evans in a Hangout On Air debate on the state of innovation in 2014 and the great challenges facing entrepreneurs and startups. #VirginDisruptors

Watch it here on Friday, May 9th:

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Now this is truly universal analytics
Tracking Doors, Windows, & More with Google Analytics

GA Google Developer Expert +Nico Miceli shows us step-by-step how to see how often people come into your store or home using Universal Analytics. See the full guide here:

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Really amazing talk. After looking at his slides, I wish I can redo my slides for an up coming talk

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omg lol i cant.

~Vicky :)

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wow, that is huge

The question remains, does an apple a day helps Cooke buy a bay.
Quick reminder: Apple is pretty gosh darn huge!
Some of this, via Business Insider, is actually comparing apples to orchids, but still quite impressive...
$44 bil: Apples sales in Q1 '14. More than Google, Facebook, Amazon combined!

$26 bil: iPhone revenues. $20 bil: Microsoft's entire revenue.

$4.6 bil: iTunes/software revenue in Q1. $4.4 bil: Netflix in 12 months.

$130 bil: Apple's share buyback program. $137 bil: Amazon's market cap right now. : )

800 mil: iTunes accounts with credit cards. By a huge margin more than any other company on the planet.

My favorite...

$10 bil: Apple Q1 net profit. More than what Amazon has earned in its entire 20-year existence!

Remember, it is apples and watermelons (or was it orchids). But man, those are some Apples!

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goodbye search terms

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Are you a "do as I say" or "do as I do" type of person. Great illustration of this.
The photo speaks for itself. Which one are you?

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Great article that we should all implement
Great article by +Phil Kemelor - this all works in a perfect world, until the HiPPO comes in and break havoc on it! :)

We also use JIRA (an agile development management tool) to easily manage the tasks, set priorities and workflow, and keep our clients informed and in the loop.
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