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Hello . . . . . . Sorry I'm Busy. . . Back soooooon
There are Bugs out there That are going to scare So just make sure That you beware. I know it is short but I am still really really busy hope to be back soon

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Unpopular Art and Poetry for the Masses
I have been very very busy lately producing artwork for my exhibition, only today when I asked Mrs Ghostwriter her opinion of my latest picture she said. . . . . . . OOOOOOoooooooo I dont like that much . . . . . . . Mrs Ghostwriter is a tough critic to ple...

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Some old Poetry that no one liked and a Picture
Yes I am repeating some old Poetry that almost no one liked because I am a very busy chap producing artwork. Mrs Ghostwriter looked at my last picture and said . . . . . OOOooooo I dont like that much . . . . . . . its tough being an artist, but I shall str...

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Poetry for a Hot Day
Ah yes sorry I drew the wring thing DAMN Today Britain has been very very hot And oozy and sweaty we have all got And not in a nice oozy and sweaty way Because us brits can’t cope With this sort of day And we all complain and loudly say We prefer it cold wi...

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Poetry for the Perfect Crime
I have trimmed the lawn And cut the hedge Watered the plants And buried Reg Underneath the patio AH no sorry No he has run away To a foreign land Or so I have been led to understand And all his dogs have run away And will not be back So the neighbours say A...

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The Life of a Struggling Artist
I am a rather busy bee at present in the real
world, you know the one where folk actually run about in the flesh talking to
each other, eating food and, doing things of a physical nature. So far I have
four almost finish pictures towards my future exhibitio...

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The Start of Master Plan Number 42
Today it has started and we all know what that is
going to mean . . . . .  Well it will mean with some degree of certainty that I will be
posting stuff slightly less than normal. OK yes that bit has already started,
but that is because I have been busy tryi...

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Poetry for a Ticking Clock
The ticking clock Goes tick tock Tick tock Even when placed Behind a rock And placed inside A smelly sock You can be sure That it still goes Tick tock Tick tock Because it is The great eternal   Ticking clock And Even Einstein Tried and tried To stop the ti...

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Poetry for a Beast that Flies
The perforated Pelican Likes to eat cottage cheese and cake And in Evolutionary terms Is a bit of a mistake Flying round in circles From reasons that are just not known And when I show folk pictures They look at me, in a certain tone Implying I am totally m...
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