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Startup As A Service - Technical consulting for non-technical cofounders. Software Consulting and product laboratory.
Startup As A Service - Technical consulting for non-technical cofounders. Software Consulting and product laboratory.

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@Red_Tree_Labs is proud to welcome Tim Phillips to the team as Chief Results Strategist. His role is to help YOU find solutions to your technical problems be they hardware or software related and he knows how to save you time and money during the process. Check out his LinkedIn profile for a deeper dive into his extensive career Feel free to drop him a line just to say hello!

I looking for recommendations for a Timesheet application that will send the client a link to approve the time and then allow me to import directly into Quickbooks Online.

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@Red_Tree_Labs A recent convo with one of our Architects indicated that Scrum was dying. If so, what's next? #scrum

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Interesting read. We were at the event. I would say that Atlanta is more robust than reported. #atlstartup

Proud to say that we'll be sponsoring the next Atlanta Tech Demo Night #AtlTechDemo

@RitzGroup #CloudTags I saw them pitch at SEVC over the summer.
Data capture by physical browsing in a store. I'm still intrigued, but I can't tell if they have had any traction since June. Anyone know?

@RitzGroup #HandGenics - over 2 million people a year get infections in hospitals that is attributed to non washed hands. However, the solution takes a TON of hardware. More pieces = more points of failures. This needs to be solved. I have doubts though.

At November @RitzGroup. #Poplr (Popular) trying to create a Roam like experience for retail spaces. Says that online is shrinking. I think Amazon would disagree. 

Red Tree Labs is proud to announce that Daniel Pugh has accepted the position of VP of Client Solutions. Daniel has extensive experience technology staffing over the past few years and brings a perspective on helping to solve problems for Red Tree Labs customers. 
His role will be the primary face of the company to existing customers, serving as Account Manager as well as Problem Solver for each of our client’s unique needs. He’ll continue to improve our world class customer service to each and every customer while also being able to answer questions about technology to help our clients be successful with their endeavors. Please take a moment to congratulate him, and ask him what he can do to solve YOUR technology problems.

#SouthWiRED "Start to Launch" Mobile applications. Last week at #MobilityLive! there was a panel on the correct way to do apps where literally everyone mostly disagreed on the correct way to do a mobile app/site. Here is yet another opinion on how to do it right. I'm not sure I totally agree with all he says, but some points are valid.
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