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Building better businesses on the web
Building better businesses on the web

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Did you know the ideal length for a tweet was 100 characters? Want to find out what the ideal length is for Facebook?

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Looking for feedback on a logo for a client. Please check it out. It'll take less than 2min of your time -

Are you an email marketing specialist? Do you do one or more of these roles yourself (not someone else) writing for emails, design, coding?

@stevegraham I was going to say what you said to @audreywatters, but I realized you beat me to it. I hope she looks up Racism. #fail@english

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A higher level of productivity - WHY entrepreneurs rock -

How long until Google charges for access your inbox on the new Gmail? Moving all emails under Promotions, they've created a new market IMO.

@adamtuttleac @justunosocial looks better than Padiact from a goal/achievement perspective.

Why is SEO costing more? Diversification and moderation are key in your 'new' SEO strategy, since you can never REALLY know what Google's rules are, it's all best guesses and diversification provides the best and safest route.

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The Secret to Putting Together an Insanely Successful Team |
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