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Olga Elder
High Heel wearing, briefcase carrying gal throws it in for Farm Life!
High Heel wearing, briefcase carrying gal throws it in for Farm Life!


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Sometimes, "comfort food" is just irresistible...
Thanks  +comfortable food for sharing.
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I love one skillet dinners - and this Southwest Skillet Chili Mac is awesome. It's super easy, it's filling and it's delicious. 

Here's how to make it:

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Sometimes the simplest are the just the best!
Thanks +Samantha At Five Heart Home for reminding us.
Need a last-minute Super Bowl snack? Balance out those heavy, cheesy dips with a batch of this refreshing Pico de Gallo from +Liz Fourez!

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Our health begins in our own backyard!
As spring approaches we all begin thinking of our gardens and pastures. Let 2015 be the year we all stop using synthetic products on/in our dirt/soils!
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Do I have to share?
Thanks +Trish Rosenquist​ for the recipe and +Jenny Melrose​ for sharing a good thing!

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Perfect game day option, cept....they won't survive til the first commercial!
Thanks +Jenny Melrose​ for sharing
These Chili Cheese Mac Bites are the perfect game day appetizers from +Sandra McCollum 

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I'm still trying to master all the in/outs of social media, I found this post one of the more helpful! Maybe someone else out there needs it too.
Looks like +Peg Fitzpatrick​ is a go to on the subject.
#socialmedia #marketing #socialmediaguru
How to Maximize Content with Visual Marketing

The world of social media gets bigger each day as thousands of people join, millions of people post on hundreds of social media platforms, and who knows how many blog posts are published. It’s a big, big world of images, text, and ideas.

The first and most important question is what to post. The answer is high-quality content which expresses your ideas effectively and reaches your goals. The second question is how to share your content so people find it and share it themselves.

Read it all here:

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I'm at it again!  Planning for the upcoming season when I have my "stash" of fresh peach pies to pull from the freeze.  This recipe is so easy and won't disappoint.
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A joy to read these blogging secrets from +Danielle Davis 
I LOVE hearing from all of you! It is one of my favorite things! Something I hear a LOT are questions about blogging and how to get the ball rolling - so today I thought I would share a few secrets about what I have learned the past nine months in the blogging world!

Check it out on the blog today:        #blogging #mommyblog   #boost   #bloggingtips  

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Voluntary Simplicity!  Never heard it declared but it's a worthy movement and I'm sure glad to know we're organized.  
Thanks +Taylor-Made Ranch 

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Another way to use that bounty of squash coming from the garden.  Sans the noodles?  Could it be?
#recipeideas   #squashrecipe   #glutenfreerecipes  
Thanks +Stoney Mountain Farm 
Squash Lasagna
My squash bounty continues and I will not cave to the guilt of waste!   I'm having a momentary vision of Lucy and Ethel shoving those chocolates in their mouths as fast as the conveyor belt brought them.  That's kind of how I feel with the squash....  The s...
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