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Question: How can we trigger a conversion tag only for users who were referred by a particular affiliate.

I need to fire a conversion tag for affiliate tracking but I dont want to send them all our data, just those that are referred by the affiliate.

The tag itself is straightforward, the trigger presents some challenges.

Say the user lands on page 1 (eg. more info)
progresses through the site pages, 2 (check out),3, (Create an account) 4 t (payment) then finally gets confirmation on page 5.

How can GTM recognise that the user is referred from this site further back in the funnel?



Tracking from an embedded widget

Can we track traffic coming from an embedded widget on another site coming into ours after posting form data?

The widget will be placed on a staff portal. I doubt they will let us place a GTM container with our GA tag on that.

GTM Container recovery.

Does Google have a tool to let you know the associated email addresses for a container ID.

I have a few GTM containers ID's that exist outside of our 'master' account, set up my someone else. If I knew the address, I could see who in the business has access.

I'm sure others have had similar issues on large accounts?

I am on the look out for a a few solutions to assist in identifying form struggles.

1) Form error rate. eg number of successful form submissions / the number of attempted form submissions.

2) Form field refresh rate. The number of times a user interacts with a particular field.

Has anyone set up anything similar that could set me on the right path to viewing this in GA?

Internet Explorer mis-reporting and GTM script.

Hi, Apparently GA misreports the IE version number (so I'm told) and I have been asked to deploy script to query the API in IE

Any ideas

1) if this is true and what this is about
2) how we might get this into the datalayer. I'm good from there.

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I'd like to measure and segment pages with low page load speeds using the new site speed user timings report.

I'd like to group pages into 'buckets' eg 1-2 seconds, 3-4 seconds, 5-6 seconds and so on. 

I'd like to see something similar to the one highlighted in Simo's post but using user timing instead of events.

Down the track, it would be great to be able to drill down on problem pages and see if any particular assets or third party scripts are causing issues.

Any upto date 'how to's' you can provide using the new user timings report are much appreciated.

We have GTM at our disposal.


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