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Derrek Kingery
"if jealousy was a knife, we'd all be dead"
"if jealousy was a knife, we'd all be dead"

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google+ hurry up and get popular.. i cant take the new facebook :(

whats up 40 box of blueberry timbits from tim hortons.. i feel like im in heaven :)

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drinking a bottle of champaign by myself.. this wont end very good..

this thing is pretty fucking boring :(

Kalaina Sullivan.. you are one of my best friends. and i miss you. and we need to hangout very soon.

downloaded 8 movies yesterday, now to watch them, i watched priest, the hangover 2 already, now im watchin gtrue grit :)

i dont think ive been threatened to be fired that much in 1 day.. i cant wait till the end of the year so i can get the hell out of here..
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