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Verto - WebRTC and FreeSWITCH Get Hitched
Unless you've been hiding under a rock you know that WebRTC is posed to be the next big thing in real time communications. If you're familiar with the technical details of WebRTC you also know that WebRTC doesn't mandate a signaling protocol - that's left u...

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VoIP Users Conference Talks Crypto
I spent about two hours today on the always awesome VoIP Users Conference talking with Olle Johansson, Dan York, Tim Panton, Dave Taht, and others about VoIP security and encryption in general. If you can handle listening to my voice and seeing my stupid mu...

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And we are on! A VUC session on #MoreCrypto for realtime communication scheduled for May 2nd. Everywhere on the net! 
+Kristian Kielhofner  and I will be speaking. Join us!

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2013 Kamailio Awards
It has come to my attention that Daniel-Constantin Mierla has selected my blog as a 2013 Kamailio Award Winner ! This is a huge honor and I appreciate the recognition from Daniel and the entire Kamailio project. With only six posts in all of 2013 it seems t...

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Securing Real-time Communications - Quickly
This is a post that would be received completely differently a year ago. We now live in a “post-Snowden” era where even average members of the general public are at least vaguely aware of things like “wiretaps” and “encryption”. With that said this isn’t an...

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High Quality Entropy
This is a (relatively) short post that I’ve been meaning to write for a while.  A recent Ars Technica story (and the resulting HN discussion ) prompted me to finally sit down and write this. I’ve been aware of software defined radios for quite some time.  T...
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