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Frank Turk
Christian Blogger of Ill-Repute. For the record: if you don't have a profile pic, I'll probably block you.
Christian Blogger of Ill-Repute. For the record: if you don't have a profile pic, I'll probably block you.

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The End.
by F. X. Turk Before you get too worked up, this is not a suicide note.  What this post ought to be seen as is an end to my hiatus as it gives way to retirement.  It has gone through a couple of drafts.  I hope it says only what I mean to say and not everyt...

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Open Letter to James MacDonald
by Pastor Tom Chantry ( as told to Frank Turk ) I know why you came to this link. You came here looking for this post: Which is to say, you came here to find some dirt on someone who once posted one post on this blog. Until Tom's difficulties are resolved,...

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Rodney Dangerfield Sociology
by F. X. Turk Ok, Ok.  Don't get too excited people.  Seriously. Watch this for about 90 seconds, because it this is where we are today as a society: The video above is loaded to start at about 1:45, which is after Dangerfield has done his "blue" routine ab...

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Something Dreadful
by F. X. Turk As I take a summer vacation from my permanent hiatus, I want you to think about something with me for a moment. "Hypochondriasis" was first diagnosed as we understand it today in the 19th century.  This debilitating condition is the result of ...

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Unsung Heroes
by F.X. Turk I have no idea if you people know this or not, but this blog doesn't write itself.  The main contribution to this blog for the last few years has been by two men who are, largely and by design, anonymous and invisible.  They are the ones who ha...

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Math and Elections, Revisited
by F.X. Turk Yes, Hello -- first things first: the content of this post is a modified reprint from 2012, and while the data has changed slightly regarding demographic mix, it is still a wildly-relevant post as you are about to go and vote in a state primary...

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An Unforgiving World of Bumbles & Misfit Toys
by F. X. Turk I have a little "file for future use" item that seems relevant this week.  I hope this will take up neither more than an hour of my time nor more than about 3 minutes of your time: the next time someone under 40 tells you about what a rotten c...

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Whimpering Commands We Must Follow
by F.X. Turk In my family, we own two dogs. This is Annie.  She is completely and utterly in charge of the house, trumping even my wife, and the reason is obvious.  That much cute in one body is actually immoral and a tool of the devil.  It up-ends the econ...

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How to Avoid Spiritual Suicide
by F. X. Turk This is going to be the last post of my summer vacation from hiatus, and it was originally going to be on the topic of how the family has been redefined, given the state of current events.  However, let me say that the most enjoyable part of t...

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A Humiliating Death
by F. X. Turk Back in 2008, Newsweek published an atrocious hack-job against Christian ethics for the sake of villainizing (of all things) traditional marriage.  Of course, we covered it here .  From my perspective, everybody wringing their hands about the ...
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