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Web Producer, Knitter, Soprano

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Hey there, +Google Drive why are you moving our stuff? Maybe half of my team's folders and documents have mysteriously ended up in "all items" and can really only be found using keyword search. Major time waster for us over the past two days. Grr.

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Abandoned pets to be possibly euthanized if not claimed

Wagner High School on STATEN ISLAND is currently housing about 80 lost pets due to Sandy, and they're considering euthanizing them if they are unclaimed or not checked in on. PLEASE re-post this on your wall and GO ADOPT if you are able!

Wagner High School, 1200 Manor Road, Staten Island, NY 10314, phone: 718-698-4200

/via FB and source:

Edit: I've cannot 100% confirm that the unclaimed will be euthanized or not.


Ok, I've now accidently tweeted a bunny-fart comment on LinkedIn, and misspelled "cool" on a G+ comment. It's time for some coffee, people.

So sorry for Oslo.
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