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Do you know what the most competitive online marketing battlefield is?

Do you know where the hardest part is to gain success in digital marketing? 




The most competitive digital market..... is digital marketing. Here you have to compete with digital marketing weapons, against somebody who is producing, using and selling all things digital marketing!

We bet your industry is much easier to market!

WELL ... we are just about to hit a milestone ..... BIG TIME ...... 

You probably realise we run PPC campaigns promoting ourselves as PPC specialists.....and yes, yes we are! We run these campaigns against the guys who are also digital marketing specialists. 

We are about to beat the one.....which means having quality clicks below £1.00! 

it is a big challenge for us so we need to use all the elements, experiences we have gained running PPC campaigns for our clients using the latest tricks, up-to-date strategies, tactics and complex planning, 

We're excited to see if next week we can get below £1 for the same amount of clicks!!!!!!!

Support us to get past our marathon finish line without falling into the ambulance before we get there.......

We NEED support so comment 'You can do this FDC' below....................

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Your next year #holiday is just going bye bye......… hmmmmmm how will you tell your spouse???????

Have you already decided you do not need your #Christmas #revenue this year?

If your business doesn't have a well-planned, brand-new, Christmas campaign ready to launch, you've already started to lose your biggest revenue potential of the year....oh dear oh dear..... 

Your campaign should be set in stone, you should have your products/service ready, as well as a creative marketing strategy, you should only be adding the final touches.

Unless you are an experienced marketer, you may as well give up as it won’t be done in time. Sorry...

If you don’t feel good reading this, then you can alternatively have our brand new service: sweet talking....instead of reading this post
We just want to shake you - you need to wake up NOW!!

If you have a straightforward sales process you are over a week late, and for those of you with a bigger business and a longer product selling process you are over 1 month late. 

You have three choices: 

1. Give up. Don’t do anything. Don’t run a Christmas campaign, let your competitors take the limelight and boost their annual revenue. Start planning next years instead. Have them stronger and fight against them in the next year. An ethical knight only fights against stronger knights.
2. Start now, and we mean right now! Create a list of ideas and decide how you are going to execute it, work overtime to catch up with the month/week you have already lost out on. You still have a small chance to make it happen.
3. Find help fast. Find someone who is experienced enough to do one months worth of work in one week! Use their ideas and let them help you create it. This way you will not be handing the Christmas boom on a plate to your competitors - unless you do really think Christmas is all about giving! 

You may as well make it 1 week a 5 minutes late by taking an extra 5 minutes to talk to us about how we can grab your sinking ship!

Call us on 0800 131 0707 we do not have time to mailing back and forth.

Tick, tock………………………............................................

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Today's #blog

FDC Are Barking Mad For More Animal Friendly Clients 

If you want to become noticed #online and take your #digital #revenue to the next level, come and jump on board with us! Check out the #marketing packages we have on offer which come with our 200% #Price #Value #guarantee !

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Discover why you're a lonely #ant !

We explain how the bigger the change in your quantity the quicker the effect on your quality. 

Warning: to read this #blog you have to pretend to be an ant! 

Please Like and Share 

#marketing   #digital

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Today's Blog

'Animal Care Continues To Grow At FDC through Respect for #Reptiles' 

Since our recent work with animals and reptiles, we are thinking about changing our #website to #digital #marketing#web #design and animal care as we are becoming experts in this sector too.......... 

If you have a website related to reptiles or animals call us on 0800 131 0707 and see what we can do for you.

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If you want to make your dreams real......

Firstly, you should wake up!

Secondly, have a look at this diagram....

One thing is missing do you know what it is? Please comment below.....

If you want to see more about this, see here:

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Managing your online store should be a stress-free and rewarding experience, especially if you are new to eCommerce. Our web development team have helped dozens of businesses set up shop online with easy-to-use shop management systems and fully functioning, transactional websites.

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What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engines like Google receive around 300 million queries each day, people are searching for your products/services every day.  With that being said, it makes sense for you as a business to be found for the services or products you offer, otherwise chances are you are losing customers to your competitors.

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FDC need you! On the 27th June we will be getting involved in the 'Caught Out' Rounders Tournament in order to raise money for Rainbows Hospice. We have a target of £250, so any donation (no matter how small) will be appreciated greatly! #charity #charityevent #charitywork #support

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Do you know why spending too much time on social media can start to have a negative impact on your actual website? #blog #digitalmarketing #marketing #seo #socialmedia  
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