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Shenoy N
To understand what recursion is, you must first understand recursion
To understand what recursion is, you must first understand recursion

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The earworm
We had a power outage at work. Something major, evidently because a team of four or five people arrived from the power company, after about an hour of the power going. By this time, it had become very stuffy inside and people wandered around outside, trying...

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Ramdev Baba and the marinaded mutton chops
Last evening, Sheela decided to try a new recipe - marinaded mutton chops. For all its innocuous sounding name, it needed many ingredients, among them barbeque sauce. So she went off to our favorite grocery store Shreeji (which seems to stock every single t...

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Dear Diary stuff
The last week has been enjoyable. First, we went off, the missus and I, with some friends, for a mini-vacation to Mahabaleshwar, a surprisingly pleasant 6 hour drive from Bombay. I was looking forward to this vacation. For one thing, it had been a particula...

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Random stuff
It's been a while since I've blogged (though I suspect no one's really noticed) and much has changed. My little babies have grown up and moved out to study engineering in faraway places, leaving missus and self mildly at a loss to find things to discuss. Th...

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An Alaskan Tale (groaner)
"We have to find the impostor as soon as possible, of course" said the Agency station chief, "but with the utmost discretion" It was an unusual conversation for me. I am a specialist in the larger fauna of the Alaskan wild and in the course of my research, ...

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On my father's completing 50 years of medical practice
Yesterday my father, who is a general practitioner, completed 50 years of being one. We had a little celebration in his clinic today, organized by my sister, who is a dentist and works with him. My sister and her staff decorated the place with ribbons and f...

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The hazards of being a credit card customer AND a moron
Here's some nuanced advice guaranteed to bring you peace and prosperity, advice which no one else will probably give you. Do not be a credit card customer AND a moron. You can be one or the other but not both. There. I have got it off my chest. The world kn...

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How I quit smoking and got a life
It will be ten years come July that I've been a non smoker. Ordinarily, I wouldn't have blogged about this sort of thing because like the time I had that big pimple inside my nostril or the time I sneezed nonstop for two hours, they are anecdotes that hold ...
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