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A (probably statistically invalid) look at social networks as a stresser:
Facebook might be causing you stress. Furthermore, the more friends you have on the service, the more stress you may be experiencing.
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Might be FB-specific. One of the things that stresses me out over there is the fact that sharing something certain friends will like is likely to bring flames down upon me from other groups. Much less likely to happen here. :)
Huh. There go all the equally invalid stats about how great social networks are! ;-D

Initially I thought it might be a split between people who consider the social media presence part of their professional "brand" (part of your job) and those who just like to gab. People with a "job" element to deal with obviously have to fret about keeping the worlds separate, compliance issues, too many contacts, etc.

But looking at the raw numbers, these are not huge friends lists -- I mean, my mom is pushing 160 friends and we are not exactly aggressive FB self-promoters. It's not our job face.

I suspect there's an account scaling issue in terms of user age. People with 70 friends are going to be more casual users or newer to the network (younger). The older your account gets and the more active you are, the more contacts you accumulate and the more it pushes you past the pain threshold of making you nuts.
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