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Just got my settlement from the eBay class action litigation. Check for $0.12. I don't think I'll quit my day job just yet.

Software "upgrades" always make me feel like a curmudgeonly old man refusing to trade his slide rule for a calculator. Thanks, Sharepoint, for another great experience in document management. </sarcasm>

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Car crashes, barbed wire fences, the Manx missile, and a long-awaited victory. Great Tour de France this year, and congrats to Cadel Evans.

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Following up on a discussion I had with a friend this weekend:

Laughing at all the Carmageddon stories. Unbelievable that I actually lived there for six months (and right in the closure area too!).

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A (probably statistically invalid) look at social networks as a stresser:

Thanks for the $3, Netflix. Streaming and Sony never really got along anyway.
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