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You dont have to worry now, if you are forgetful in setting your vacation responder.
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+shraddha Gupta Hello Shradha, I have tried your example, but I have got 403 - You are not authorized to access this API error when the script is trying modify vacation settings. I cannot find Email Settings API in Google Console to enable it. Any ideas?
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shraddha Gupta

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Check out new post on Using OAuth 2.0 with the Provisioning and Email Settings APIs on Apps Developers Blog
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shraddha Gupta

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The new Groups Settings API allows the admin users to mange the groups in their domains automatically.
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Hi shraddha Gupta,

thank you for your article ( ) . I have one question if I can :)

It is possible delete users from Google Apps across the APi ?  I found some manual functions for APi , but functions for remove users from Google Groups missing :( .

We need create console for manage groups, because we have for example 500 groups and when someone is member for example 5 groups. We need him remove from all groups at one time or from some.

So our request for the Google groups is create consol and then  find user automaticly in all groups where is the member and then choose if delete from all groups or for example only from three groups. As needed.

If it possible to add function for add members to google groups it will be fantastic.

I hope you understand me :) . Have you some idea or experiences with this? thank you 
Jan Zitko
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