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You are in real estate business or having an investment and want to sell or buy or rent your property in a traditional way or through agent it will take a lot time as well as you will have to pay commission. But through your own dynamic website at earlier and later through your own portal you can reach to people in world. There is always a possibility that people living way far from your place are also in search of property in city areas, village area or anywhere as per their own requirements. We can ever reach to the only through website, or our online presence. So, What are you waiting for? Come on call us now on 09822101169

You can Build audience through National, International groups or Top locations of India at which your targeted audience is aimed. Identifying your audience will help to perform different marketing strategies as per Commercial, Residential area.

Calculators and convertors are preferred more than half a million users while dealing a real estate. Offering your clients online calculators may help your clients to calculate immediately on how much you are spending will help knowing your budget.

Photographers are the one who extensively capture beauty of your Property. Get professional photographs register on your website that shoots and capture memory of your client home. You can also start unique photography business that only captures photo on your Ongoing and upcoming project site through these photographers.

Do you have any idea apart from higher number of people are attracted towards Luxury there is also increasing number of average people take advantage of Home loan facilities. You may offer your clients various Flexible EMI options as well as low interest rates to build loyal customers.

Be India first real estate auctioneer, Buy and Sell your Properties and let the highest bidder participants get golden opportunities to win. Auction is a simple way to sell more than one item or rarest product to sale on your website.

As you know quotation is required and asked by client before buying and selling Real estate that offers pricing details, sale detail and other detail specification. We’d like to know if you plan to offer online quotation for your clients, we will help you to design format on your website and also design and develop to send multiple users at a time that will save lot of your time.
For more details visit -

(Image Ref – The Orange Web Media has design and develops Real Estate Portal Altrack Group for client name Mr. Jeetubhai Shah. Website -
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While Architects are Busy Designing Structures, Interior Designers plays key role in Decorating your Dream House. Unfortunately People find Less Creative designers that accomplish their Dream world. Why is this better choice? Let People Find you, Create your own Unique Interior designing Brand with the Help of The Orange Web Media’s Professional Web designers.

Online Consultancy is Expert Professional Advice that embraces new creative style to make your decision while decorating your house which is truly beneficial to meet the Clients need completely.

People often feel brand loyalty if you boost online visibility by creating unique identity of your brand. Trust of your brand will automatically grow customer loyalty if you start sharing your Projects on portfolio page. Your Portfolio page may consist of your ongoing, Upcoming as well as completed Projects with perfect images.

Many of the interior designers will astonish by attracting more customers by these wonderful House Tour Feature. How is it going to help your business? Whether it is large or small size business people believe what they see. House Tour feature will be visual guidance for your clients to complete and compare or Book their dream House.

For more details visit -

(Image Ref – The Orange Web Media is designing and developing interior designing website Studio M for client name Madhavi Sagane. Demo Link-
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The Orange Web Media Made Easy Running ‪‎Hotel‬ stories
(Image Ref – The Orange Web Media has design and develop Hotel ‪#‎website‬ Prithvi Caterers for client name Sagar PrabhuDesai. Website Url- )

Are you Looking to create your new big Hotel and become a great ‪#‎Chief‬? If you didn’t find what you are looking for The Orange Web Media is here to give you amazing ‪#‎designing‬ solution. Our Challenge is to Design and develop versatile Hotel and Food Truck websites for you.

Hotel ‪‎Booking‬ –
Online Booking has become necessity in this Fastest growing Techno World. People can Compare and book Domestic as well as international hotels from all over the world results to increase in your business.

Online ‪‎Cooking‬ Classes–
Are You curious about offer e-courses and Teach your personal recipes and increase your fan followers? Don’t worry The Expert Team of The Orange Web Media will help your Dream come True.

Target Audience –
Through Website you can define targeted audience to serve all over the World on the basis of its interest, Age groups, Income and Gender. This will provide you appropriate static towards improvement of marketing Strategies.

‪‎Offers‬ / ‪Discount‬ ‪‎coupons‬ –
It is human Tendency that maximum number of People attracts where they find different kinds of Offers and Discounts for their special Products. You can also add feature of Refer and earn for growth of your Business.

Blogs –
Many House wives like to Share personal recipes, Health tips etc. Here is Good News to start your new business from Home. Make Your Personal Food Blogging Website with the help of Professional team of The Orange Web Media. You Can also Recommend different foods and hotels you visit to share reviews.

For more details visit -

(Image Ref – The Orange Web Media has design and develop Hotel website (Category – Food Truck cafe) Bread Spread for our client. Website Url- )
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Be Top Online Doctor in India
(Image ref - The Orange has designed and develop first online doctors website for our client name – Dr. Priyanka just check it once - )
It is said that doctors are one who are treated next to god. We at The Orange Web Media help to create website for all specialist of Doctors from General physician / family practioner, Dentist, Cardiologist, Gynecologist, surgeons, General pediatricians, Neurologist, orthopedist, Dermatologist, Diagnostician etc.
Some of the amazing Features you can include in your website –
Book an Appointment –
How offen you feel that your patients cannot be able to reach towards doctors due to lack of time management. Now you can schedule an online appointment for your patients as per top priorities.
Live Chat all over World –
Live chat is one of the most useful features that you can connect with different locality of patients and help them for health care treatments and solutions. You can also schedule Expert MDs answer your patient’s questions.
Create large Job Opportunities –
Doctors can make big change in Medical world by offering online career opportunities for job seekers. Through Career page you can organize, recruit and staff Best young and Dynamic Doctors from different areas of the world.
Create Lab Test at Home –
Lab test are most common before every stage of treatment. Online Lab test can save lot of time of Doctors as well as patients. Patient can take immediate action after reports and doctors suggestion for further treatment which may save lot of lives. For more details visit -
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Is Your Website Laying your Business Down?
You must be thinking that I am already having my website but still it is not helping me for achieving my goal, my business. Was my decision to be online wrong? Let’s see the answer
Website is first impression of your Business. Do you know what purpose of your website is? Your website is what you reflect about your company goodwill and company goals. If your website isn’t visible it may end up in de -motivating your business growth and visibility and leading your company disappear from competition.
The Orange is helpful not only for design and development of your website but also running your website for your profit. For more details visit -
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It is for all who are having their own business, may be a small shop, a retailer, or a supplier, or any kind of product or service provider. Till the time you are working in your own area there come a stoppage in your clientele due to area restriction. But if you have a website you reach worldwide and the world will be your client, So why to restrict ourselves in a small lane, or village, or city, if you can reach to endless people in a movement through your website.
Study shows that 53% of high street shops suffer from retail crisis due to lack of customers. Very few local businesses in India follow effective marketing strategies that attracts large amount of customers. It is necessary that your business is visible for large amount of Audience to survive for long term in this competitive world. Website Plays important role in Growth of your business. There great opportunity for Businessman and Shopkeepers to get notice by creating your own website with the help of The Orange Web Media at Cost effective Prices.
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A Smarter Website design tactics for small, medium and start up Business?
Now a day it has become unmanageable to survive for small and medium Business in this cut thought Competition. The Orange Web Media Company has come up with smarter website design tactics that help to improve their Business and stay in Competition for long term.
Logo design –
Logo design is first and foremost identification of Your Business. The Orange Web Media Company’s Designers initiate original and the best logo designing concepts for our clients.
Keep your software up to date –
Regular Software updating of your website provides a standard for strategic handling. The Orange Web Media Company will help you at all stages for software development and website development Cycle.
Graphic Design –
Graphic Design is best method to Convey Company message through visually consistent and cohesive images. It helps Create Brand awareness of your Product and Generates large number of visitors. For more details visit -
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Lead Your Business in ‪‎Pune‬, ‪Mumbai‬ and ‪‎India‬ with Best ‪#‎Website‬ Design Solutions by The Orange Web Media Company?
The Orange Web Media offers you one stop multiple designing solutions from Logo designing, Website Designing, Website Development, Graphic designing, Digital marketing and Strategy, Mobile Application development, E- Commerce Services, Software development, SEO Services etc.
Our Highly Professional team of The Orange Web Media helps business startups and other business oriented aspirants with amazing website designing solutions from planning, organizing, analyzing marketing strategy , Research and development, Brand consulting and various Branding Strategies.
1. Understands Requirement –
The Orange Web Media Company strongly believes that understanding is deeper than any Knowledge. So, our first and foremost aim understanding our Clients requirements and offer them diversifying website designing and website development solutions and work according to it.
2. Research and Development –
At The Orange Web Media we have specially appointed highly Professional expertise that can do 360 degree research and development regarding every Business.
This team systematically investigates and provides you with amazing web designing solutions on the basis of facts, latest trends and after researched deeply to reach the conclusions. For more details visit -
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How the Orange Web Media is Best User friendly ‪Website‬ ‪Design‬ and Web ‪‎development‬ ‪Company‬?
The Orange Web Media offers multiple web services from Web Designing, Web development, Logo designing, digital marketing etc. Our main aim is that each of our clients gets best of our web design and Graphic design services.
Some of our web design and development working specialty is as follows -
Consider Quality Work –
The Orange Web Media Maintains a desired level of quality in a Website designing and website development solutions. We thoroughly understands requirement of the clients and offer them diversifying Web Designing Solutions.
Cost Effective –
The Orange Web Media offers you amazing web designing and development solutions at cost effective prices. We offer static website just at Rs5999/only and Dynamic website just at Rs9999/ only. (No Hidden Charges included)
Research and Development –
At The Orange our web designers and developers helps you to analysis whether your business has good marketing Strategy? We provide you relevant and user friendly web designing ,web development solutions and effective business strategies as per latest business trends after detail research and development by our expert team. For more details visit -
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Start Your ‪‎E-commerce‬ Website For ‪‎Online‬ Store With The Orange Web Media.
Grow your Business with The Orange Web Media’s outstanding e-commerce services. We develop e-commerce websites for all industries clothing, grocery, real estate, jewelers, hospitals, education and spiritual. The Orange Web Media will help you to build your online store From Planning, Logo Designing, Branding, Digital Marketing, Social media Marketing, SEO ranking that generates your online Presence. We offer Following Features for your E-commerce Website -
Mobile Responsive Site –
We provide excellent and efficient E-commerce website which works in all kinds of latest devices IOS, ‪Windows‬, ‪‎Blackberry‬ and ‪Android‬. We make sure that your website works conveniently in Mobile version, Tablet version and Desktop version.
Free ‪‎Domain‬ and ‪Hosting‬ for One Year –
The Unique Feature of The Orange Web Media is we provide you Free Domain and Hosting for one Year. Some Features of our Domain Registration are –
Domains are always registered on Client’s name
For the hosting space we use all the Credential of your Domain
All of them are in the range of TLD (Top level domain)
For more details visit -
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