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Prosecutors going after heroin suppliers with homicide charges
Read this article to learn about how some Wisconsin counties are seeking homicide charges against drug suppliers whose drug causes an overdose.

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Man Freed Years After Wrongful Sex Assault Conviction in WI
Read this article about a man who was recently freed after being wrongfully convicted of a sex crime in Wisconsin. Oversights by authorities, the use of a questionable eyewitness identification and inadequate defense may have contributed to this conviction. Learn more about these issues and other factors that frequently play a role in wrongful convictions in Wisconsin.

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Entrapment – An illegal investigative technique
Take a look at this article about entrapment, an illegal investigative technique used by some law enforcement and government agencies. While stings and other undercover operations are allowed under the law, authorities are not permitted to induce people into committing crimes they would not have been predisposed to commit otherwise. Working with an attorney, people it may be possible for people to prove that they were entrapped and have the charges against them dropped, or their prior convictions overturned.
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