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Are rape jokes ever funny? Apparently that Tosh.0 comedian made some joke that some say "crossed a line"...I know my knee jerk reaction is "rape is never funny" (pretty sure some folks here can find quotes of me saying that very thing on another forum #dungeons). Here's a couple links, if you want background on the specifics of the Tosh thing: 
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Tosh makes all sorts of jokes that, coming from anyone else, shouldn't be funny. And yet, from him, they totally are. That's his schtick ... playing the dumbass who says things you shouldn't say.
I watched his show twice on some streaming site, looked at Fran and said, "Hm. He's not funny. This show isn't aimed at us."
Gosh, really? They aren't the same? Thanks for the insight... 
I'm saying that because I laugh my ass off at rape jokes just as much as I would most other humor. Why? Because it's a joke. I find this whole ordeal absurd.
In general, separate from the "comedian" angle, I just don't find any humor in rape "jokes"...I know it is a hot button issue for me so was looking for insight outside of my own viewpoint.
It depends on the context, +Lorrie Toles. A rape joke at a feminist meeting might not be a good idea, but at a comedy club where you are known for being obscene? I'd think that it should be expected.
David, I disagree. There is no good place for a rape joke. Or a dead baby joke. Or many other jokes. There's crass, then there's obscene.
Ah, yes, I read that one earlier. There have been interesting essays on both sides of the issue. 
+Rick Castello, look up black comedy, also known as dark comedy. Tens of millions of people like that type of comedy, including myself. Again, you need to recognize the distinction between comedy and reality. What you find good, others will find bad; what you think is rude, others will think is funny.
I don't like rape jokes, but haven't gone as far as to say it shouldn't e speech and all that...but part of that is that people who disagree have the same right to free speech. You (generic) don't get to avoid consequences...whether it be being the center of an Internet maelstrom or wing chastised by colleagues or employers.
All of this stuff is biased, +David Greene, colored by peoples' experiences and world views. People on all sides are free to express their opinions on this issue, and I've found most of it to be enlightening, even if I disagree. 
I didn't say he should be censored or taken off the air, just that he's tasteless. I don't find most of his jokes funny, bad I said before, but that's my taste.

You're allowed to like terrible things.
I'm allowed to say they're crude and tasteless.

Give me an Eddie Murphy or John Stewart or even Fred Armisen over Tosh.

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