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It's well known we love animals so, we couldn't ignore this amazing initiative.
And I personally had a great time in Faroe Islands

#Google #StreetView #SheepView #Trekker #GoogleMaps

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Another successful Trekker/Snowmobile collect with one of our partners: Arctic Eider duck

Enjoy this beautiful imagery from Belcher Islands, Canada

#Google #Trekker #StreetView #Maps

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Impressive imagery from Machu Picchu, now available in Street View

#streetview #google #trekker #maps #googlemaps

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Que gran post de +dPunisher dP 
Soy un gran admirador de todos sus relojes.

De hecho cada día sufro por elegir uno de ellos ya que, todos quedan espectaculares en mi Pebble Time.

Si acaso, el que más aguanta en mi muñeca es Straight pero, muy a la par con SouthPark y ASCII Weather

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Huge Congratulations to +SOLAR IMPULSE for what they have achieved so far!

It's a pity we cannot continue and finish this journey until next year but at least we have more time to promote #futureisclean  

I'm really proud of being part of the team working with you.

You are truly inspiring!

#Google   #solarimpulse   #googlegreen  

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A great behind the scenes video explaining how the Street View Trekker was designed and how we collect the imagery.

If you want to apply for a Trekker:

#StreetView   #Trekker   #Maps   #Google  

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Happy Birthday!!

It has been a great pleasure working on this project and seeing all this amazing imagery collected by our partners.

Do you want to become our next partner?

Details in the blog post.

#StreetView    #Maps   #Google   #Trekker  

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