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Poet. Creative Coach.
Poet. Creative Coach.

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Always fun to talk to +Joanna Penn on her podcast. This time round we covered creativity, productivity, asset building, speech recognition and the joys of translating medieval poetry...
There are so many things that authors need to do now as well as write, plus there are a lot more distractions. So how do we stay productive and creative in a crazy busy world? I discuss this with Mark McGuinness in today’s show. #productivity #creativity  

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My first blog article about creativity in a year. About one of the biggest differences I've noticed between creators who struggle vs the ones who prosper. 

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InShades Magazine asked me for a six-word poem - here it is, illustrated by Brazilian artist Alexandre Ruda.

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Nice collection from +Tim Brownson 
This took me about 20 hours to research and compile. It's a fun, informational read and I hope you enjoy it enough to share. #neuroscience  

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Nice to be back on +Joanna Penn' s podcast, talking about my new book. 
We all want to write, but sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation. In this interview, +Mark McGuinness  explores what motivates us as creatives and what can keep us going for the long term. #creativity  

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An extract from my new book: Motivation for Creative People - how to stay creative while gaining money, fame, and reputation.

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Five marathons in five days... in the desert!

I know Tara who made this film, an amazing story. From the Kickstarter page: 

"This documentary follows Robin on one of the toughest challenges of her life- to run five marathons in five days in the challenging terrain of the Utah desert to raise money for MS research as Robin's mother Carmen was diagnosed with the disease in 1999. As the story unfolds you discover the traumas of her past and why she is propelled to continually push past her own limits."

I'm sure she'd appreciate shares and support for the Kickstarter if the story resonates with you.

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This was fun...

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Looking forward to being part of this panel on self-publishing at the London Book Fair Fringe on Friday

If you're in London, come see us in Foyle's, otherwise it's streaming online - like the whole +IndieReCon LIVE event it's free!

This article gives a preview of what to expect from our panel...
Super advice on #selfpublishing #bookmarketing #entrepreneurship with +Rachel Abbott +Steena Holmes +Mark McGuinness +CJ Lyons  and more

STEENA HOLMES: Never being afraid to fail and try something new. Instead of following the crowd of what everyone else is doing, look at your market, at your readers and figure out what you can do differently.

CJ LYONS: Don’t think of it as “self” publishing. You are CEO of your own Global Media Empire…it takes a team, you can’t do it alone

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