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What's more awesome than Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter?

Fist of Jesus, that's what.

In Spanish with English subs, 15 minutes of brilliance.

Seriously, go watch it.

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These were some of the best books I'd ever seen as a kid.  Making it an RPG setting seems like a no-brainer.  Making it Savage Worlds is just smart thinking.

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I have a gaming blog now.  It's mostly about my supers game that is currently on hiatus, but it will eventually get to the grandeur that was the Halloween GI Joe/Cthulhu crossover.  It's sparse as all get out, but it's over here if you're looking:

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Yeah, this is about right for Jordan...

Mad and the Green Care Bear (Green Lantern spoof)

Over the past couple of weeks, I've had to call several vendor's support lines. Now I know people bag on Microsoft, but their support has been a dream; friendly, courteous and helpful every time. Compare this with CommVault, who provided the worst example of customer support short of calling me names and/or cursing at me.

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Just a reminder, if you lip off, Aquaman will throw a $%^&ing bear at you!

The Patriots lost, and The Darkness reformed. I am now blissfully content with my world.

Ah, I get it now, apparently charity is about strong arming people to your viewpoint. I've donated time and/or money to both PP and Komen in the past, but the last two days have guaranteed that they can both collectively kiss my ass.

"If Michael Bay directed an animated version of the Banana Splits, it wouldn't be half as stupid as this thing!"
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