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Young, Rican & Gifted


Hi guys is there a way to unlock a Verizon version Pixel 2XL bootloader or do we have to wait a while more or is it impossible? Asking for a friend thanks

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I never knew having a phone can be w curse or just be plain clumsy with bad luck but how does someone lose a Google Pixel 2 XL twice and now the 2nd time even with being insure by T-Mobile there's no luck withe receiving a new one without paying full price Shai at the Google Store 😒😀 please people take care of your phone and don't be clumsy like me

$2000 down the drain ugh πŸ˜‘

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Hey guys is it possible to get insurance for the phone through T-Mobile? Has anyone done that with their Pixel 2s? Thanks in advance

Hey guys is there a build for angler?

When can we expect an update for Reverie Oreo ? :)

Hey guys is there another good site to sell phones besides Swappa or eBay?

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So after a few hours with my Pixel 2 xl phone coming back from a Halloween party, I lost my phone in a cab. Great my life sucks and so does Google😩😩😩
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