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Terry Lynch Mortgage Agent
Finding the Right Mortgage to suit your financial needs.
Finding the Right Mortgage to suit your financial needs.


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Our Story
Terry Lynch is an experienced, licensed TMG Mortgage Agent, based in Whitby, Ontario. I specialize in residential and commercial mortgages and am a Certified and Experienced CHIP Reverse Mortgage Specialist. I can help you find the right mortgage that best suits your financial needs.
Since property purchase is usually the biggest and most important decision in your life, it just makes sense to have the expertise available to help you shop wisely to obtain your mortgage!
I can help you understand how different rates, terms and conditions can affect the lifetime cost of your home, your monthly payments, and financial flexibility.
We also work with Commercial clients with finding financing through the Merchant Capital Program, and help manage borrowing with challenged or bruised credit situations.
Visit us online to view our full list of services: Serving the Durham and York Regions and surrounding areas.
Please visit our website for a full description of our Products and Services at:

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On January 1st, the rules will be changing, and it will be much more difficult to qualify for a mortgage based on the new 'stress test'. Terry Lynch Mortgage Agent is BUSY Busy busy at this time, helping our clients finish their deals in advance of the January rule change. Questions? Contact us at 416 315 1787, and discuss new options for 2018 for mortgages.

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Pause a few minutes while going about your busy day, and have a listen to this: Oh Holy Night by the group Home Free. A beautiful version, and a way to enjoy the gifts of the season.

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Not just on the holidays, but all year we should all be working to support Small Businesses in our area. Terry Lynch Mortgage Agent website has a very thorough list of local Businesses and Service Providers on our Preferred Suppliers page. Starting with local businesses strengthens our local ecoonomy...#ShopLocal with people giving great services you need close to home, all year long.

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Spaces are now 50% SOLD for our upcoming June 3rd Newcastle Home & Lifestyle Show 2018! Vendors need to register and confirm their space to be included. To register and view the available booth space, visit the Newcastle and District Chamber of Commerce website!
As a Director with the Chamber, it's my pleasure to volunteer and help other Durham Region area businesses prosper and reach new customers!

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If you had access to extra funds with the CHIP Reverse Mortgage, how would you choose to spend it? Click the Like option that you would choose! Maybe all three?
#CHIPReverseMortgagesDurhamRegion #TerryLynchMortgageAgent #CHIPReverseMortgagesYorkRegion

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Amongst all the bad news out there, comes a story of a man miraculously rescuing his wife after she went missing on a snowy BC roadway.
How did he find her? Sheer determination, it seems. A good story, how incredible.

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CHIP Reverse Mortgages, Myth #2:Those with a reverse mortgage will owe more than their house is worth! #NOT #Myth
HomEquity Bank’s conservative lending practices allow clients to take a maximum of 55% (33% on average) of the home’s appraised value. In fact, 99% of HomEquity Bank’s clients have equity remaining in the home when the loan is repaid.
To read more about the CHIP Reverse Mortgage, visit us online at:

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How much will you be spending on Christmas Gifts this year? Do you have a set budget, or do you just go out hunting for something that catches your eye? Based on the median household income in Canada, which, Global News says is $70,000, spending 1% would mean about $700.
Will you be spending more or less on gifts this year?

#Christmasgifts #HolidayShopping #SpendingLimit #KeepaBudget

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Hopefully, if you do get the flu this year, it's one of the 10% of the bugs that this year's flu shot will take care of! Remember to clean your hands often, especially after coming into contact with every day surfaces like door handles, taps, shopping carts, counters and computers, where viruses can live for up to 48 hours.

#stayhealthy #flushot #washyourhandsoften
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