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Patrick Kollitsch
I am puzzled as the oyster.
I am puzzled as the oyster.

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Happy New Year! It's a prime number!

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A short introduction to the list of German expats. #learnzegerman

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Fun Drag-and-Spin Game

It's a simple concept with a lot of fun. Built by +David DeSandro in CSS and JavaScript, 43 levels to play!
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Time for a new Daredevil season!

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All you need to know about Marvel's Civil War. 

The holy Pretzel Communion of The House of Dogs:

Most evenings at around 9pm we are experiencing a ceremony like the communion part in the catholic church in my house. I go ceremoniously to the groceries storage in my kitchen (the little seldom perfectly cleaned spot next to the sink). I grab the pretzel-pack, slightly ceremoniously squishing it, thus making a sound signalling the commencing of the communion to my sheep(tzu)s.

They remain below my table, waiting patiently, bowing their heads. I ceremoniously reach into the package, take out one pretzel per dog, hold it ceremoniously in front of their wet nozzles, waiting for some seconds for them to repent their sins (quite plenty there are) and meditate about their existence, the existence of the human giving them food, love and letting them pee on the gras in front of the house instead of the corner between the two parts of the plastic couch, then give the pretzel to them. They cautiously grabbing them (the pretzels) ceremoniously carefully with their teeth, anxiously not breaking them in front of me, walking some meters to a place not seen, bowing their heads, then digesting them feverishly (well, it says in The Bible "thou shalt not pray in public, just go somewhere, hide and do the stuff"), feeling the union of salt, bread, and the body of whatever God they adore right now (most probably respectfully hopefully the ME).

I then head on to finish the rest of the package while they watch joyously, reinvigorated and inspired by the holy pretzels, consciously appreciating their little lifes.

Amen, I say. Amen.

Once a day you really should treat your Dog.

PS: Here is an afterthought: DOG backwards is GOD [organ starts playing]!!!!!!111One

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The complete guide to survive the Holidays. I will use one of these out-of-office replies this year, guess which one. ;) 

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Guess what, Street View arrived at Koh Samui, and managed to document this attrocity they call "street repairs". Oh, and my little house of course :),99.9581727,3a,75y,163.28h,92.34t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sPDO4y_SFg1bENakYFKksEA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en

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Haha, that bastard pharma boss bought Wu-Tang Clan’s $2 million album. So money CAN buy you everything after all...
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