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professional tool steel manufacturer
professional tool steel manufacturer

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Х12МФ, 6ХВ2С, ХВГ, ШХ15, 4Х5МФС ,4Х5В2ФС,Р18 / 1.3355Р6М5 / 1.3343/Р6М5К5 / 1.3243/Р6М5Ф3 / 1.3344,Х12 / 1.2080/Х12В / 1.2436/Х12МФ / 1.2379/Х12ВМФ / 1.2601/4Х5МФС / 1.2343/4Х5МФС / 1.2343EFS/4Х5МФ1С / 1.23444/Х5МФ1С / 1.2344EFS/3Х3М3Ф / 1.2365/3Х3М3Ф / 1.2365EFS/4Х5М3Ф / 1.2367/4Х5М3Ф / 1.2367EFS/5ХН2МФ / 1.27149ХВГ / 1.25109Г2Ф / 1.2842ХВГХ12Ф13Х2В8Ф4Х4ВМФС / ДИ224Х5В2ФС / ЭИ9585Х3В3МФС / ДИ235ХНМ5ХНВ6ХС9ХС

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As a manufacturer and trading combination ,Huangshi Baoyi Material CO.,Ltd. has more than 15 years experience in special steel.
We are professional special steel manufacturer who Equipped with EAF,LF,VD,ESR smelting facilities, exporter,stockers.According to

AISI,DIN,JIS and other equivalent standards, Baoyi material are widely recognized and trusted by customers.
Our main grades as follows:
1) Cold work tool steel A2/1.2363/SKD12, D2/1.2379/SKD11, O1/1.2510/SKS3, D3/1.2080, D6/1.2436, , O2/1.2842, S1/1.2550, 1.2767,

1.2328. S7/1.2357,

2) Hot Work Tool Steel H13/1.2344/SKD61, H11/1.2343, H10/1.2365, H10A/1.2885, H12/1.2606, H21/1.2581/SKD5, 1.2367, 1.2787, 1.2329.

3) Plastic Mould Steel 420/1.2083/SUS420J2, 1.2316, 1.2085, 1.2713, 1.2714/SKT4/L6, 1.2738.

4) High Speed Steel M2/1.3343/SKH51,M42/1.3247/SKH59

5) engineering steel 4140/1.7225/SCM440/42CRMO4, 4340/1.6582,8620,4130,100Cr6/SUJ2
6)Spring steel: 5160 /sup9/55cr3/1.7156, 6150/51crv4/1.8159/sup10, 9260/60crsi7/1.7108

With reliable quality and perfect service, we have full of confidence to meeting your requirement,please feel free to contact me at

any time ,we are pleased to be service on you !

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EN31 / 52100 / SUJ2 / 100CR6 steel bar

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Mold steel and Tool steel are produced according to DIN,GOST,GB,JIS Standard. 100% UT test.

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SKD11 forging .

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Ready stocks of die steel CR12MOV ROUNDS AND FLATS. Black / grinding / polish surface can be provide . Free sample is available.
Please feel free to contact me.

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