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Yes we are still practicing! Here is a log from our most recent keiko.

Log: 2015.03.01 (2hrs)
For the first hour we focused on fundo-kusari kihon. As this was a first for most members, we reviewed kamae, osame, metsubushi, kesa-uchi/gyaku-kesa-uchi, yokomen-uchi, yoko-ichimonji, menuchi, and hachinoji no uchi. One can clearly see the kenjutsu influence in these waza.

I had to defer some questions until we see Otsuka-sensei later this month. As I said, "I could make an educated guess. However it is best we wait until I am able to ask Sensei in person."

We focused on shuriken for the second hour. After a quick review of kamae, we did some static (shizentai) throws to calibrate our arms, then continued with shomen-uchi. Goals for the day:
1. Consistent face height strikes; or
2. Picking a spot for the first blade to strike, and then group the remaining blades around it.

In addition to shomen-uchi, some members also reviewed dosoku-uchi, gyaku-uchi, and shitate-uchi. Others explored changing distance, by taking a step on back on each throw, and throwing from hanza/hantachi.

One member brought in some homemade bo-shuriken, so we cycled those in with MSR shuriken, and uchibari. It was interesting to throw something that felt completely different in the hand.
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Log: 2015.01.25
My goal was to lead everyone through the kihon (foundation) throws of MSR shurikenjutsu. As we did not have a practice last weekend, we warmed up with a few static shomen-uchi, from shizentai, and then shomen-uchi proper. After that, we reviewed Dosoku-uchi, Gyaku-uchi, Shitate-uchi, and Furikaeri-uchi.

The root for all of these is shomen-uchi. I encouraged members to devote the bulk of their personal practice on refining that throw, then applying the lessons learned to the others.
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Beautifully edited promotional video for Otsuka-sensei's upcoming seminar in Italy.
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Log: 2015.01.11
We started with a review of kamae; stressed their function as transitional structures, not held stances. Points of discussion were: shape of the hand/wrist when raised in jodan no kamae; position of the elbow in jodan; path of the arm during the throw; and footwork to ensure good structure throughout.

We spent some time dry firing shomen-uchi. Going through the motions of the throw without shuriken. Then, before throwing live blades at targets, we reviewed nigiri-kata, and feeding blades from the left hand to the right hand.

We focused on shomen-uchi, and za-uchi. Encouraged everyone to take in the position of each blade as they approach the target to retrieve them. There is a lot feedback there, which can be applied to improve our technique.
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Looking forward to group practice tomorrow. We will review reiho, kamae and nigiri-kata, then refine shomen-uchi, and za-uchi.
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Log: 2014.01.04
First official keiko; of 2015, and our Keikokai!

Once the dojo was prepared, targets assembled, etc., we officially began. Following shi-rei, we reviewed fundamental kamae; shizentai, chudan no kamae, jodan no kamae, and gedan no kamae. After going through each kamae individually, we ran through them as a sequence. More inline with how they manifest when throwing shuriken, including zanshin.

To introduce the mechanics of shomenuchi, we threw some mogi-shuriken back, and forth. This gave everyone a tangible experience, and working understanding, of the different components of the throw. Also, gauging distance, and adjusting technique accordingly.

For the last 20 minutes, we took turns throwing live blades; jikidaho-shomenuchi. Everyone did really well demonstrating reiho, kamae, and zanshin. All strikes were grouped very nicely.

Before shu-rei, we discussed how to read the position of thrown shuriken in the target, and how to use that to refine our technique.

Next week we will review the same, but increase our live blade work.
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Looking forward to the first keiko of 2015 this Sunday, January 4th.  Targets are ready, and shuriken are on hand.

See you on the mat!
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Our website is live:
Look forward to welcoming new members in the 2015!
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