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Welcome to Big Steel Wheels — a fictional action music adventure by C-jeff, inspired by works of Vince DiCola, action movies, rock and metal music, chiptunes and the legacy of '80s.

A number of special guests are also featured, including: Stemage, Danimal Cannon and Raz Ben Ari on guitars; Jeff Ball - viola; Alexander Brandon, Disasterpeace, George "norg" Nowik and Lamont Bellsarios as voice actors. Big Steel Wheels is mixed and mastered by Megus.

The album is availble for download via for $7 (or more).

"Big Steel Wheels" on Ubiktune:

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We are excited to announce the release of Big Steel Wheels — a fictional action music journey through heavy electronic progressive riffs and melancholy vibes — written and produced by Ubiktune founder Dmitry "C-jeff" Zhemkov.

Big Steel Wheels was inspired by film scores from the '80s, particularly those of Rocky IV and The Transformers: The Movie by composer and performer Vince DiCola. The album consists of 13 tracks containing about 55 minutes of music.

A number of special guests are also featured, including: Stemage, Danimal Cannon and Raz Ben Ari on guitars; Jeff Ball on viola; Alexander Brandon, Disasterpeace, George "norg" Nowik and Lamont Bellsarios as voice actors. Big Steel Wheels is mixed and mastered by Megus.

Set for release on November 14, 2013, an advance listening party will take place on the Noise Channel show of Arecibo Radio where listeners can tune in and hear the album in its entirety as well as submit their questions to C-jeff and TrueStar.

Join the official event on Facebook to stay in touch:

Read more:

Meanwhile, the first track off of Big Steel Wheels titled "Black Lock" is available on our SoundCloud. The track has a guitar appearance by Stemage:

Video teaser produced by Shamoozal.

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Today marks the reveal of the album Surasshu and Aivi Tran have been working on for nearly a year! In this trailer we meet Aivi, an archaeologist with an adventurous heart. But what's that shadow to the left...?

"We really wanted to go all out on the art, using a Belgian comic aesthetic to tell a story related to the music. So we brought in Diana Jakobsson and she's been knocking it out of the park! She's going to post various updates throughout the week with art, and we'll be posting one more trailer before the release of the album on Ubiktune, this Friday" — Aivi Tran & surasshu.

Don't forget to tune in to Noise Channel on Arecibo Radio next Saturday for the listening party! Surasshu and Aivi will both be there!

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Ario's "Vurgon" is now available for download as PWYW (pay-what-you-want) with no minimum price! Listen it, get it, share it, leave a shout and support this amazing artist.

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We're happy to introduce to you — Ario, our new artist, whose debut album will be released here tomorrow, March 3rd.

Ario's background has a rather unusual beginning, which made it extra interesting for us. He was initially trained as a visual artist, and his awakening of love for creating music was late-borne. The music of videogames, specifically of the Super Nintendo, first got his interest. He owned very few games, and living in a pre-Internet world as a reticent kid meant a limited exposure to similar material. As Ario told us: "The Internet helped me discover and activate a dormant musical passion. In a way, my album is what I wish I could have heard when I was seven-years-old."

Ario has completed his debut album, titled "Vurgon", that we're proud to present for you as a part of our collection, and "Glaustarr" is the first song we would like to share with you now.

Read full article at listen to the track at

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This is something we wanted to recommend for a long while, so better late than never. Do a Barrel Roll! (band) — a videogame cover band from Minneapolis, USA, last autumn released their first album titled Thunderous Crash, and believe us, this thing was in heavy rotation among the Ubiktune staff ever since. Themes include TMNT: Turtles in Time, Final Fantasy V, Kirby Super Star, Starfox 64 and Mario Kart 64 arranged for an eight-piece act, played 100% live (including the samples). What else do videogame music fans need?!

Even better, the whole album is absolutely free to download from their Bandcamp page. So, in case you missed these guys, check them out now!

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We here at Ubiktune are glad to announce that a new SubPixel (aka Matt Ross) album The Wave is going to be released on February 12. Guest musicians include Allan Ross on sax, Amanda Altobelli on arpeggiator, and Rick Birmingham on violin. Mastered by Luke Sullivan. The album was recorded in honor of Matt's uncle, David "The Wave" Calhoun, who passed in 2010.

The Wave is formed as a double EP: a six song suite presented in two versions, one recorded with live instrumentation and one arranged in VRC6 format for the Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom. So, both halves can be played simultaneously in sync. Based on this, an iOS app will be released later, giving the user the ability to mix each song — channel by channel and on the fly — creating an interactive experience. Imagine turning a dial to transform a live guitar solo into an 8-bit shred-fest, just like on your old NES!

The album will be available to download from Bandcamp for $3 (includes all 12 tracks, NSF, and Famitracker source files) or high quality chrome cassette tape for $5 which includes expanded artwork by Samantha Cohen and the digital album with all of the above.

The teaser is available at

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Weeeeee! Ubiktune works were nominated in several categories in the OSTOSVOTY Awards 2011, hosted by Original Sound Version. As follows:

Best Chip Music Release:
Various Artists — Equilibrium
Danimal Cannon — Roots
b4kn — The Octagon

Best “Other” Release:

Soundtrack of the Year:
virt — Bloodrayne: Betrayal OST

Also, congrats to virt for being nominated for Composer of the Year and Best Handheld Soundtrack with "Mighty Switch Force!". And, of course, congrats to Jonathan Baken (b4kn), who made the list for Best Chip Release with "Beautiful Lifestyle" as a part of fantastic George & Jonathan duo!

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Alter Ego, the game by RetroSouls, featuring recently released soundtrack by Kulor, is now available as PC version. If you haven't played it yet, you now officially have no excuse.

Get it for free from RetroSouls website:

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New album by Danimal Cannon of ARMCANNON and Metroid Metal will be out on December 1st. Get ready for about 70 minutes of strong progressive GameBoy music, which occurs with live guitar, drums and a ton of driving power.

Cover artwork made by Francis Coulombe and 9-minutes preview are available on Ubiktune.
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