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Baking up some great web products!
Baking up some great web products!

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Another +Google Ventures portfolio company on a tear - Smarterer. This is a good blog post by +Dave Balter about finding the "magic button" that changes the trajectory your startup is on. This particular point stood out for me:

Find your key metric early. It should be something that is a coal-mine canary to all other metrics you care about. Ours is Questions Answered. What’s yours?

This is critical. I think the key mark of a great metric is that it can't be artificially tweaked. If it goes up, it has to go up because it's a true reflection of positive momentum. (This is why I hate "page views" as a metric for website traffic - break an article up into 15 sections, and presto! you've got 15x the pageviews.)

Thanks to +Erik J. Heels for the original find.

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This pretty much sums it up. A very funny read, even if you are not a software developer!

From +Adam Bratt on that bird site.

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