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No one (well, almost no one) knows what Microsoft will announce on Monday, but that won't stop tech writers like myself from speculating our butts off.
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The bigger question is does anyone care at this point?  Windows 8 tablets are priced higher than an Ipad which is the "defacto" tablet.  Windows 8 RC is still quite buggy and Oct isn't a long way off.  I will get smartglass for our 360's but Windows 8 seems to be more like a bloop single than a grand slam walk off home run.  

You should change your photo cuase your such a nice guy...>.<
I'm sure there are those that care, but how many? I've no idea. I'm just glad my job doesn't require me to know those things.

Re profile pic: Who says i'm nice? ;)
Come to Seoul and get an unlocked export Galaxy S 3 and I will let the world know that you're too kewl for school. I saw you on Geek World. Anyone who is even remotely associated with Crave can't be all bad.
I definitely can't argue with that. Viva la Crave!
Yep. I'll be there on Monday, hopefully with my cautious optimism hat on. Now, where did I put that?...
What about the B&N connection? Do you think that deal came too soon to impact this? Also is this hastily planned event an attempt to steal the thunder from Google's Nexus Tablet?
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