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Scott Thompson
Digital Media researcher at SMG, @somerandomnerd elsewhere.
Digital Media researcher at SMG, @somerandomnerd elsewhere.


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Look at the picture, then read the note.

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I find it really hard to imagine portable games consoles having any sort of future in a smartphone & tablet filled future.

Apparently, Nintendo have no such lack of imagination…

So… New Google Reader design. Not sure…

~32px Google black bar, ~62px search bar, ~75px toolbar, and ~30px feed title bar- all fixed. Plus browser chrome and Apple menu bar = about 315 pixels of vertical screen space before I can start actually reading in Reader.

Even with the dock hidden, thats over a third of a 1200x800 screen thats pretty much wasted.

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A point of view I co-wrote with +Mat Morrison about yesterday's Facebook F8 conference.

Pirated software- old news. Counterfeit hardware- OK. But a fake copy of an entire store?


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So you think your camera is good? Try 80GigaPixels for size. This is amazingly cool. Zoom in to pretty much anywhere in London! I dare you.

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The same thing would work for Facebook lists... But better.

With Google+, you can see who something has been shared with- with Facebook lists, nobody knows who else can see your updates.
How to troll friends and family using Google+
Step 1) Randomly divide everyone you know into two separate circles.
Step 2) Post to circle 1 that you just got an awesome new job.
Step 3) Post to circle 2 that you just contracted some disease.
Step 4) Post to your extended circles that "Tomorrow is my last day".
Step 5) Watch resulting comment battle between the two groups.

Suppose you remembered seeing something on Google+ a couple of weeks ago, but don't remember who posted it. How would you find it?

I presume you would google it- Google's search knows about your contacts, and can weight posts from your circles higher than random things on the internet; in other words, its a problem Google can solve.

Suppose you remembered seeing something on Facebook… how would you find it?
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