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I need a new name for MIT Technology Review's annual science fiction special issue that evokes the 'zines of the golden age of hard SF. (I'm thinking of "Amazing" or "Astounding", etc.) Suggest the winning name, and I'll give you a free issue and also a subscription to MIT TR. 
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I agree to the rocket. But "Pontin's Science Fiction" sounds ridiculous. 
Asimov's was ridiculous too (as he often wrote in his introductions!). Then you should do something with E.E. Doc Smith, whose writing inspired SpaceWar!, the first computer game (and made at MIT). Something like Lord Tedric's Science Fiction (I am sticking to that theme!)

Astounding, Amazing, and Analog are too well known.
I am just watching this movie "Prometheus" who was a titan and known for intelligence, champion of humanity "Prometheus" sounds beautiful, doesnt it? :)
Yeah, I'm saying: I need something like "Astounding", "Amazing", etc - but fresh and new. I'm calling it "Lord Pontin's Science Fiction". 
Lord Pontin's Amazing Science Fiction: You'll be astounded!
Prometheus isn't bad, Xeeshan - but everyone will think of the movie. 
But he was a titan so the movie is based on that. Anyway, it was a suggestion. The point is: its based on intelligence n being a champion which probably is the mission of the issue :)
"I, Human", acknowledges the golden age while celebrating the fact that many of our accomplishments since have met or exceeded science fiction.
Wondrous tales of Future Facts
I didn't know TR HAD an annual science fiction issue.
But, reading the discussion, I am reminded of Asimov's hilarious satire entitled "Playboy and the Slime God."
Nothing these days avoids being tongue-in-cheek so I propose the name: "Science Fiction for Newbies and Tech Gods"
And I can read it on my Nook!
some quick options: Vision. Vizion. Startlings. EMERGLINGS. 
"Science Friction: Reconciling Myth and Matter"

....or "Merging Myth and Matter" or something like that
Beyond the Bewilder 
+Jason Pontin I like the old name "trsf" All lowercase.  It almost spells Transformation.  Maybe each year you can have a different word with the letters t,r,s and f inside it in a different font color.
OK, "Event Horizon" isn't bad at all. 
It was a terrible Sci-Fi movie, however.
U could have fun with it. "Event Horizon: where science meets imagination"
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