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This isn't fun anymore
That time I went to a runDisney meet-up Ok runDisney... it's time we had some words. My sense of disappointment in these events has been growing year after year as prices continued to rise and yet no additional offerings were being included. You moved my fa...

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Day 5 – Amesbury to Boston
It was quite a chilly over night evening, so when it was time to get up in
the morning, it was really hard to convince myself to climb out of my sleeping
bag! Not to mention the reality of bike shorts that I had washed that did NOT
end up drying over night…...

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Day 4 – Ocean Park to Amesbury
There’s a reason to write these recaps on the day… as a few days pass,
it’s hard to remember exactly how things went down. Well, here we are, two days
out from the ride, which means four days out from this day, and I’m going to
have to rack my brain to come...

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Have you been keeping up with my #ClimateRide  adventures? Check out today's post, and then read the recaps from the past 4 days.

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Day 3 - Jefferson to Ocean Park
Yup, we're still in Maine. In fact, we only end up riding through New Hampshire tomorrow on our way to Amesbury, MA for our last stop before heading into Boston. Today was much more the Maine I was expecting. Ok, so as you may recall, today was century day....

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Day 2 - Hope to Jefferson
Well, I was able to get some sleep and felt up for heading
out this morning. It was a day to play it smart, so when I hit that first hill
on the way out of camp, I just went ahead and walked it. I wasn’t ready to push
myself and test the ribs. And of course...

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Day 1 - Bar Harbor to Hope
Well, the day did not turn out the way I’d hoped. I got up
early this morning and got some breakfast at our hotel before the shuttle took
us over to camp. I was getting all my stuff ready and remembered that since I
had forgotten my sunglasses, I had asked ...

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It's day 0 - and we've already hit the road for an awesome day of riding! Check it out.

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Day 0 - Acadia
A panoramic view along the ride around Acadia Today was pretty amazing. It was an early morning, and I was
so glad I was able to stay with Dani just across the river. It was a pretty
easy commute into Boston and after a little hiccup, I found the park with ...

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Climate Ride Northeast 2015 - The Adventure Begins
Wow! I can't believe it's here. It's been a really crazy few months, and there were times in the last couple weeks I really didn't think I would hit my fundraising goal or be able to get away. But here I am, sitting at my friends' just outside of Boston, ge...
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