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Heading to the Pacific Ocean this morning for some brief camping. I have decided that, since I haven't swam in the Pacific Ocean since I was 17, I will be getting wet today. It will be very cold. Please pray that my nipples survive the experience. . .I will try and send photos, especially if they do freeze and drop off.
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Yeah, swimming is always more interesting when there's a risk of having a body part or appendage fall off due to frigid temperatures. Is Heather going with you?
Yes. With my old eyes, I will need her to help me locate said appendages. Hopefully, it's only the nipples that freeze off. . .
Did you get the title, by the way????
No, it hasn't come yet; I'll let you know. I don't have much faith in the postal system anymore--they've lost several packages of mine in the last year. :/
Maybe they're in league with facebook. I'm sure heather told you about our ordeal with them. The postman flat out lied about coming to the house, and nothing happened when heather complained.
I actually go out of my way not to deal with the post office anymore, because it seems pointless to do business with a company that has proven to be unreliable. I don't know how they expect to stay in business (which I've heard is something they're struggling with), when they can't manage to keep the faith of their customers. I told Heather that if I ever need to mail something important, I'll be using UPS.
When she wakes up, I'll need to find out how she mailed that one to you. I would have thought you would have received it by now.
I just realized something; We are a pair of disgruntled old, farts. We're complaining about the Post Office on this thread, and facebook on the other. I hope that we don't wind up in the same nursing home in 40 years. We would completely irritate the staff. . .
Thanks for calling me an old fart. :) I'm usually not a complainer, but FB and USPS tend to irk even happy-go-lucky people like me. 
Hey, I'm older and fartier than thou, so I know the color of both the pot AND the kettle. . .if that makes any sense. I know you have a great outlook, and didn't mean anything by it, of course. It was just an observation. We could resume talking about my nipples, if you'd like. . .:)
You are wonderful!! Tell scott and the fam, "Hi" We voted ystdy, and have decided that the Greenes need to come live in Salem with us.
Very tempting, trust me. I never thought we'd settle down in Sidney, Nebraska (of all places), but it's growing on us. We'll see!
What happened to the days of the Pony Express? Semi-reliable service (if the rider survived the trip) through tumultuous cities and treacherous lands (flying bears notwithstanding). And when he does bring the mail, you can have him tell you the story of his grand voyage across the wild country! :D
It changed once the government got involved with it, Zade. De-privatizing any business will affect it's overall performance. In this case, tumultuous cities, treacherous lands, and flying bears were replaced with govermental oversight, a tax-subsidized payroll, and unions.
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