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+1 for a more viewpager-like behavior on horizontal scroll on swipe.  alternatively you could make it more aggressive about locking on an image. so maybe in the world of 1-10 swipe velocity, right now i apply velocity of 2 and it swipes 4 photos.  make it so v <= 4 will only swipe 1 photo, and v > 4 still can jump through a bunch of photos.  

For any users experiencing crashes when trying to navigate, we had an issue in 1.2.6 that was causing this.  I have removed the 1.2.6 build until we fix the bug.  If you uninstall, then reinstall, the bug will go away. Sorry for the problems I know this has caused, we'll get a fix out in the next update.

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Releasing a build that includes the following (should be out in a few hours):
- New navigation alerts. If it ends with 2 beeps, it's a left, 1 beep, and it's a right. Before the 1 or 2 beeps there is a sound to get your attention.
- Off-course warning & back on course notification sounds. 
- Selecting a different metric requires a long-click now
- Fixed bug resulting in double-photo uploads occasionally

Please test the navigation if you have the opportunity and let us know if you run into any problems. We tried to be smart about off-course warnings to avoid having it beep at you due to GPS drift, etc, when you're actually on course, but we need to test this thoroughly before a public release.


Hello everyone,

We have just quietly released to the public Play Store, so feel free to tell any friends who are not part of this beta community that the app is now publicly available.  We will be spending the next few days going through and cleaning up copy & making it a little more welcoming to new users. If there is anything in the app that you think should be changed or added before we start shouting from the rooftops, please let us know.

This beta community will continue to be the place where our releases arrive first, and we will continue to solicit feature suggestions and feedback from everyone here. Thank you for helping us get to a solid initial release!

Just released an update, 1.0.33, which will become available in a few hours.  This is a release candidate so please report any issues you run into! Thank you for testing!


- Added "Orientation Lock" preference for Handlebar Mode.
- Fixed crash when loading a route or ride for users on pre-Honeycomb devices
- Fixed crash on stats widget reported by Julian (thanks!)

For more information on how to install:

We just released 1.0.30 to the market. It will take a couple hours before it becomes available on the market. Here are the changes in this release:

- Added "hold to pause" - no more accidentally pausing your ride. If you just tap the pause button we'll remind you that you need to hold it for a couple seconds.
- Color-coded cuesheet while navigating, so your next cue is orange & the cues behind you are greyed out.
- Photos uploaded during live-logging show up when saving the ride now, so you can see that they were included.
- Several bug fixes related to taking photos with spotty internet, toggling live-logging on/off, and a few other cases. 
- Fixed bug where viewing the site feed would pop open a browser on some devices.
- Fixed bug where notification would never disappear while connecting to Bluetooth device if screen was rotated

We're honing in on a release candidate, please let us know if you encounter any problems or have any suggestions! Thank you for participating in our beta, you have all been extremely helpful in getting this app ready for a public release.

For more information on getting the beta installed, see

We have released 1.0.29, which fixes a critical bug in 1.0.28 that prevented saving a ride if you had a default gear set on your profile. If you encountered this error, upgrade to 1.0.29, open the app, tap "GO RIDE", and select Save. The data is all there and you should have no problem saving your ride now. This build will be available on the market in the next couple hours. 

For more information on installing the beta:

There is a bug that will cause the app to crash when you save a ride in build 1.0.28 if you have a default gear set on your profile.  If you have experienced this, your ride is still intact, and as soon as you upgrade to 1.0.29 you will be able to save the ride successfully.  We'll make an announcement once 1.0.29 is released.
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