After almost 10 months using Google+ I am beginning to understand what Google are up to.

Firstly they are putting all their existing products into Google+ to reduce the number of products and brands present in the marketplace. Less is more.

Secondly they are focusing hard on integration. The way Google+ now integrates with my Gmail is starting to surprise even me. Most of us tend to build our lives around email, search and social and in that order and that's the way Google+ is being organized. Google search plus your world (GSPYW) is crazily accurate and updates in real time. Search has become so much easier when I ask my friends on Google+.

Thirdly they are thinking long term about CRM or should I say Social CRM as Google+ now recommends who you should Circle from your Gmail. The joy of this is having done so you can now sort your email by Circle. This is a heaven feature to be able to sort email by clients, suppliers, prospects, family, kids, friends, shareholders. Very clever ten out of ten for that. I now have days when I just spend time in one Circle. I've never done that before and that is a behavior change caused by software.

Fourthly is Cloud. Google Drive when I installed it last week automatically ripped all the documents of my hard disk and placed them in the Google Drive or Cloud. So everything I need is there for me wherever I am. Cool. The kids now have access to if ever they need anything for school or Uni.

Fifthly I have just begun to understand AuthorRank and PublisherRank and just how important it is to search. Thank you to Thomas Morffew for educating me on this.

Sixthly Google Hangouts now allow me to record my conference calls and automatically uploading them to Youtue where I can set them to public or private. This is great because with the Google Wallet plug in coming next I can then start selling this content online.

Seventhly I have just ordered my Samsung Galaxy S3 so I can truly immerse myself in the Android and Google+ mobile experience.

Eighthly I now realize you can run a large corporation of 100,000 people on Google+ and that this is a business to business play to replace the intranet and extranet inside organizations including all the apps. I also realize Chrome extensions are application plugs in and things like finance, billing, salesforce management will be a Chrome plug in any day soon. SAP,, Expenses, Analytics, Klout, Performance Management, Maps, Places, Blogging, Tweeting, Videos, Advertising everything will become a Chrome extension from an appstore like Google Play.

Ninthly of course this all links back to PPC and Google Adwords (where their money comes from). No doubt the PPC will be turned on once Google reaches a billion users in 2015. I have no doubt they will.

So there is a new industry emerging here. A Google+ industry. An industry requiring a vast array of skills commercial, technical, emotional as organizations begin to evolve themselves into the Cloud and make themselves one with the mobile web. All of this of course is before you add Google TV where no doubt Google+ will be the heart of their Social TV initiative. Oh and I never mentioned music.

I have attempted to summarize what I think is going on in this video. It's just one giant guess.
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