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Texting ban coming to Oklahoma this November
Check out this article about how Oklahoma's texting-and-driving ban will take effect this November. The ban makes texting and driving a primary offense punishable by a $100 fine. While safety experts say the ban is a good step at combating distracted driving, they note that the problem of driver distraction extends beyond just cellphone use and can also include talking, eating, and even listening to the radio.

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Tackling Impaired Operation among Commercial Drivers
People who live in and around Tulsa should visit this page now to learn about the dangers of drunk and drugged driving among truckers and other commercial vehicle operators. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will be launching its new database targeted at reducing impaired driving this December. Learn how the database can help and what you should do if involved in an impaired driving accident with a trucker in Oklahoma.

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Drunk Driving Fatalities in Oklahoma
Tulsa area residents should click here to get the facts about drunk driving fatalities in Oklahoma. According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Tulsa County lost more lives to drunk drivers than any county in the state in 2013. Learn what to do if you are involved in a serious drunk driving crash.

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Drunk drivers may soon be unable to buy alcohol in OK
Take a look at this article about drunk driving and how a new bill seeks to make it illegal for DUI offenders to purchase alcohol for a court-approved period of time. If this bill is passed, those who provide or sell alcohol to DUI offenders during this suspension period would be charged with a felony. However, this bill does not account for the many drivers who operate a vehicle in an intoxicated state who have never been arrested.
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