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Is anyone else experiencing a delay in your reports for 5/6 Mar?

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My memories: Milo
This is actually not my personal memory, but something that had been told to me by my aunt. When I was around six years old, my aunt's family lived at my house for a while. One morning, my aunt found me sitting at the kitchen table by myself. She asked me i...

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My memories: fragrance that reminds me of the U.S.
At Plaza Singapura, at the corner of Starbucks opposite Tim Ho Wan, there is a fragrance there that always brings back fond memories for me. It's not a sweet smell or something unique. Instead, it is the smell of the wood from the Starbucks' store. The firs...

How is GA able to record visits in my profile from #hostname ""? Obviously, my site isn't hosted on YouTube.

I have AdWords autotagging enabled. How come GA still reports that about a third of my SEM traffic is from "direct / (none)" or "organic / google"?

My SEM traffic is tracked with another tracking system, and its tracking code is recorded to a GA custom variable. So I can create a GA custom report with this custom variable, source, medium and visits to compare GA's source/medium tracking vs this custom variable's (i.e. the SEM tracking system's) value.

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My memories: fried chicken and curry vegetables with rice
Source: Every time I smell the scent of Chinese curry vegetables or just see a dish of rice with curry vegetables and fried chicken drumstick, I am transported back immediately to my primary school days. Normally, in primary s...

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Why engineers should aim to be leaders
(This is a personal opinion piece. It does not reflect the views of any organisation that I am affiliated with.) Source: engineerleader.c...

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You know what really grinds my gears?

Google #AdSenseForSearch and #DoubleClickAdExchange revenue aren't integrated into Google Analytics!

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