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луксозни маркови писалки, ролери, химикалки и кожени аксесоари
луксозни маркови писалки, ролери, химикалки и кожени аксесоари

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Дискретно, елегантно гравиране на механичен молив Faber-Castell E-motion Wood
Изящно гравиране
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Промоционални подаръчни комплекти в 
Подаръчни комплекти
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Два след полунощ. На вратата на сем. Иванови се звъни дълго и настойчиво. След минута Иванов отваря рошав и сънен. Пред вратата стои с тревожен вид съседът Петров.
- Много се извинявам за късния час, съседе! - казва Петров.
- Исках само да попитам… Да имаш случайно мастило за писалка "Паркър"?
- Ти луд ли си, бе? В два по среднощ! Никакво мастило нямам! - тросва се Иванов и тръшва вратата.
След един час отново се звъни. Отваря Иванов - отсреща Петров - сияещ:
- Пак съм аз! Донесох ти два флакона мастило! Да си имаш!… като ми потрябва.

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Новата колекция Ondoro, с тяло от натурален опушен дъб, е стилен придружител на ценители на пишещи средства.
The new Ondoro Smoked Oak from Faber-Castell is a stylish companion for both male and female lovers of superior writing culture. Its smooth warm wooden surface provides maximum writing comfort, the puristic and functional design simply inviting you to put thoughts to paper. 

It is available as mechanical pencil, retractable ballpoint pen, rollerball pen and fountain pen.

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Поглед назад към Pen of the Year 2011.
A look back at the Faber Castell Pen of the Year 2011
Eight segments of jade symbolize the eight generations that have made their mark on the family firm to date. In reference to the year when the company was founded, this exclusive edition is limited to 1,761 pens.

Jade and a timeless sense of style makes this luxurious writing implement a true collector’s item. The 18-carat bicolour gold nib is available in line widths M, F, and B, each one ‘run in’ by hand. The platinum-plated end cap protects the twist knob for the filling mechanism. Numerous processing steps are required before a piece of jade can be inserted into the Pen of the Year. From the first slice of the raw stone to the final polish, the craftsman must recognize its unique nuances and bring out jade’s natural gleam.
e green with envy
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Първото в света приложение на ненадминатите умения на швейцарските майсторските на часовници за изработка на пишещ инструмент.
Avenue du Mail Geneva Imperial Eagle Pen

Watchmaking expertise shares many properties with that of the great automaton makers. Until now, it has rarely been used to make other luxurious objects. Perched on the Geneva coat-of-arms, the imperial eagle deserved a fervent tribute.

“World-first application of a watch mechanism to the art of writing”
Alongside its purely horological activities, Spero Lucem has chosen to develop a range of writing instruments housing authentic functional watch mechanisms dedicated to renewing the pleasure of handwriting: driven by a micromechanical construction worthy of the finest horological complications, the nib of the pen suddenly pops out of hiding, while a solid transparent glass enables one to admire the magic of the gear wheels in movement.
Inspiration put on paper thereby becomes a ritual that is all the more fascinating for being accompanied by an exclusive design enhanced by a clever combination of noble materials.

The pen is developed under the technical supervision of M. Carlo Naldi. Another world-first new release will be revealed in the form of two high-end writing instruments embodying a blend of art, watchmaking and precision mechanics.

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The luxury Pen and Cufflink collection from British Designer Jack Row at Harrods of London

Award winning young British designer Jack Row has launched the Jack Row Architect Collection of luxurious solid gold and silver fountain pens and cufflinks accented with diamonds and sapphires. And the first question that springs to ones mind - how much does one of these pens or pair of cufflinks in the Jack Row Architect Collection cost? Well, the most affordable cufflinks are priced at around £3,500 and the top of the range 18ct gold and diamond pen prices at around £27,500.

#London #Harrods #gold #jewellery #luxury

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Знаете ли, че Parker Duofold е била любимата писалка на Сър Артър Конан Дойл, автора на Шерлок Холмс.
Did you know The Duofold was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s favourite pen? He wrote the renowned Sherlock Holmes novels with his preferred pen and sent a note to the Parker Pen Company to announce that he had “finally met his affinity in pens”.
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