Half-baked LotFP houserule idea I'll have to expand upon in a blog post later after I've given it more thought:

Let's say you cut the character classes down to the Fighter, Specialist, and Magic-User. Between increasing spells-per-day, magical research, collecting or crafting spells and magic items, and building and maintaining libraries and laboratories, Magic-Users have plenty to do at higher levels. Assuming the referee is willing to continue adding new skills to the game, the Specialist still has plenty of skill points to look forward to spending at higher levels. Plus it probably wouldn't be that hard to make houserules for the Specialist equivalent of research, like letting them invent gadgets with a high Tinker skill or something. But as far as class-specific stuff goes, the Fighter kind of runs out of interesting things to look forward to after level 9, when the to-hit bonus stops increasing and HD are no longer rolled for HP.

And that's fine if you want the Fighter to just be a simpler class than the others, or if your game doesn't get to high levels, or if you want to use the whole lots-of-power-early-and-less-later thing as a balance against the Magic-Users who start weak and get mighty later, or whatever.

But if you DO want to give Fighters more class features to look forward to at higher levels, maybe this would be a cool way to do it: Make it so that the Fighter is the only starting class that can take on an additional "prestige class" starting at level 10 or so. So if you're rolling up a character and you want a chance at becoming a Knight of Science or a Lotus Monk or something like that, you've got to make a Fighter.

The term "prestige class" comes from D&D 3E, but the concept is arguably older, with examples like the AD&D 1E Bard and some of the classes in the Rules Cyclopedia like the Paladin and Druid (assuming I understand the rules correctly based on what I've read about the RC, since I haven't read that book myself yet). I don't see why prestige classes couldn't fit into an old-school game like LotFP, although the available prestige classes should probably be tailored by the referee for their specific campaign and setting.
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