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If you're waiting for the next play report, here's something to tide you over, at least. Sorry about the delay.

Too many people couldn't make it to the game of The Hateful Place tonight, so I had to reschedule it for Tuesday. I still plan to do a play report afterward, of course.

One of my best friends:
"roll 1d12 to determine naming sheet, then 1d20 to determine name, one sheet simply contains body parts [...] anyway, "Pancreas the Profiteer" has an undeniable ring to it"

I just received my copy of Tales of Peril by John Eric Holmes. It looks fantastic.

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Yes, one player named her witch hunter "Boobs." You can only control the tone of collaborative fiction so much (assuming you can classify an RPG as such). I say "Give in to the madness!"

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Does anyone have any experience with this game, Ghastly Affair? Anyone read it? I just stumbled across it a few minutes ago while looking at that list of OSR games and retroclones at Taxidermic Owlbear.

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I'm sure this is old news for a lot of people, but I found this list very useful and informative.

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Oh godsdamn, SO our van has something crazy bad wrong with the radiator and/or pump. We need to get some cash quickly.

DO you need some words written? I can write words for you!

500 words with a first draft turnaround of 2 days: $25
1000 words with a first draft turnaround of 3 days: $50

I'm certainly open for longer jobs, but probably not at those rates. (Those rates are about 1/2 of what I typically charge.)

Please contact me at punkrocumentary @ gmails dot com.

What kind of stuff can I write??

RPG stuff, definitely, including mechanics if I understand the system.
Short Stories, for sure.
Poetry if you need that for some reason.
Faux diegetic documents.


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"There is a hateful place, somewhere in my mind..."

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Good "get a miniature sun out of your mouth spell" Monday!
We are still looking for a third player for our LotfP VAM Coven campaign.
Create a witch and experiment with us how the VAM spells can totally disturb and transform a campaign!
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