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Guide for being on the net:

1. Everything you post is your personal opinion, not a fact.
2. If you want to post a fact, provide the original source.
3. If you don't have the source, or the source itself is an opinion, state it as such or don't post.
4. Don't share a post of you can't verify it's validity.
5. Only share content if it's an productive contribution to a topic, not to get some likes.
6. You're in a public space, you have responsibility for things you post.
7. There is no post factual age, only people that don't care for other people but themselves.

If you acknowledge "post factual", you acknowledge that you are manipulatable and believe everything that's fits your mindset.
Your opinion is not a fact, be prepared to be challenged and be open to other opinions. This is a good thing.

If someone is aggressive towards you, don't write "you are negative things", instead write "i don't like that what you don't like, but i think that something positive or your opinion".

Research and look things up, on multiple sources. If you can't be bothered to do that, don't post or share.

Think, be open and responsible.

And yes, this is my personal opinion. Yours may vary.

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Did you have a productive weekend, too? ;)
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The life of a stone.

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Someone on reddit just made Sims 4 characters based on Stardew Vallery citizens.

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That's it for today. It's now a usable tool after save/load of map files is finally in. Let's see where this will be going next time.

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Working on my little HTML5 hex map system. Now with minimap. :)

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First longer session with Elite: Dangerous - Horizons. It's so impressive. I'm currently just exploring and driving on the planets.

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Great read on the woes of debugging a OpenGL multi-platform project. (Banished in this case)

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Holy sh.... O_o
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