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Upasana Saraswati
Sugar, spice...and some things not so very nice :P
Sugar, spice...and some things not so very nice :P

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Well Wisher
Seems like ages, have passed, but I still wish you well. Whisper a prayer then offer a coin to some wishing-well. A wish belongs to every thousand billion star Though make-believe, they build hope in hearts near and afar. Sometimes a tiny little wish flound...

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Hidden World
There is a secret world within this world, Where untold hurt and sorrow reign. Where gusts of sighs blow like winds, And unshed tears fall as rain. The skies are dotted with broken shards, Of million pieces of  countless shattered hearts, Where words which ...

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Dark Chocolate
What do I miss about us? I really have no clue. Our love was never really complete Our love was hardly true. Yet every day when my mind wanders Away from mundane thoughts and worries; When I feel myself drifting away, On a magic carpet from exotic fairy sto...

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Manasi heaved her over-sized laptop bag onto her left shoulder and got out of the Uber cab. Entering her building she crossed the lobby and pressed the flickering “up” button of the elevator. As she heard the distant whir of the lift making its slow descent...

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The Mark
7.12 am. Yet a dull bulb flickers weakly on the shadowy
doorway of a neighbour's balcony. Mosquitoes flit by gaily, indifferent to the
angry swatting movements of irritable hands. A few leaves flutter hesitantly
and then become still. Will it rain? I wonder...

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An Epitaph
"Here lies a heart which stopped beating/ When it never learnt to skip a beat./ Here lie the cold fingers which were never encircled/ In the links of other fingers, protective and strong./ Here lies the eyes which never cast down in confused happiness/ When...

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Every passing day A twist of a kaleidoscope. Colourful shards that play With old fragments of hope. Shake the round hard tube To chase your dreams away; But the pieces remain true To hues of yesterday. A floating feather on wisp-like wings, A baby's touch, ...

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Cold Heart
More cold than the weather; More bitter than the winds; More harsh than the season; Mankind's heart and its sins. Had they never seen the smile, On a little girl's face; Rushing off with her new school bag; To catch the bus Before her mother could tie her s...

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Violet Horizon
Only at that lonely meeting place, Of stars and fields and fog. I will see you there my Maker, Divine Creator, the one called God. There the harsh notes of reality Of life's disappointments, anguished dismay; Will give way to serene acceptance, On the cool ...
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