Some thoughts that I've been meaning to share for some time now...

This entire app is a balancing act, updating the widgets on the app exactly as often as they need to be - but no more often than that. 

In the early days of Wear watch face support, I had a number of issues with the watch face stopping. There were a variety of causes, but they all had the same effective result: updates weren't getting sent from the phone to the watch, so the watch face didn't update, and showed an out-of-date time. Obviously, this isn't OK for a watch face.

More recently, I've been fighting battery-use issues. Generally, these have the opposite cause: for whatever reason, the app is updating the widget more often than it needs to, sometimes far more often. This uses CPU cycles, and those use milliwatt-hours from the battery.

In both cases, I fix the problems as I find them. But in neither case is there a specific bug to be fixed in the app, though I understand it looks like that to the user. In neither case can I say, "I've fixed the battery drain problem" or "_the_ watch-stopping problem." All I can say is that I've fixed a problem that was manifesting in this way. I can make no assurance that this was the cause of every user experiencing the issue, nor that another problem may not be lurking within the app which will cause the same outward effect.

Thanks for your understanding.
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