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Andy Vandervell
Journalist, cricketer and man person.
Journalist, cricketer and man person.


I have decided a normal working day is totally inneffcient. I work so much better when I get to work at 7:30, go to gym at 11 and then have lunch. No distractions work in the morning, a nice long gap and I'm ready for the afternoon.

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What you get when you replace 'wand' with 'willy' in Harry Potter...

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My 5 reasons why the Ubuntu Edge campaign was actually a big success. Read full article here:

1. Ubuntu Edge proved people's interest
2. Ubuntu Edge exposed the industry's lack of ambition
3. Ubuntu Edge gave Ubuntu worldwide exposure
4. Ubuntu Edge will help Ubuntu find partners
5. Ubuntu Edge showed Ubuntu has a future

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Cooking up a really big story at the moment. Waiting for approval from the legal department...

The Ashes. Cricket at its best. Also a reminder that all Test series should four matches minimum. There's such a long way to go in this series, and that makes it all the more interesting.

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It would be nice to think that this info might make it to the front page of a newspaper. It won't.

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John Archer knows TVs, so mark my word this is a budget star of a future. It's already good value at £700 for a 51-inch plasma, but come March/April next year it'll be stupid cheap.

HP Android smartphone. "Differentiated experience" = really crappy skin.

A few more thoughts on Ouya having a fair amount of Sunday playing on it:

1)  Games are very limited at present. Have played a lot of Vector and Cannabalt HD, but they're available on Android, too. Still a few I want to give a go, including Chrono Blade (an exclusive), but lots of work needed here.

2) Basic interface is great. It is basic, but it's fast and responsive and easy to navigate.

3) Controller is nice enough, but D-pad is poor and one of the triggers on mine is a tad sticky.

4) There are a tiny selection of non-game apps, but a couple of quite interesting. Flixster includes Ultraviolet support, which is a way into movie access, and there's another that lets you stream games from your PC to your TV using Ouya.
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