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my last two cheat days, I have been very surprised how much fuller I feel after eating carb-heavy foods as opposed to carb -light and -free foods. And by 'fuller,' i don't mean 'satisfied'…the six days a week i eat carb -light and -free foods, i am just as satisfied as on my cheat days. By 'fuller,' I mean, 'has to waddle out the door.'

And it's not that i overeat on my cheat days, though it might just be that my stomach has shrunk in the 3 weeks i've been on my diet. Yesterday, a 1/2 lb burger w/bun, and an order of tater tots made me feel like i'd just eaten a feast. Before my diet, that would have been nothing.

One thing I do have to work on is my coffee intake. When I stopped eating sugar, that meant I had to cut pop out of my diet. Since then, my coffee consumption has risen dramatically. Therefore, in addition to my weekly low-carb goal, I think I am going to try to limit myself to 1-2 cups a day (and by 'cup', i don't mean "large starbucks cup"). that should be enough to keep the caffeine withdrawal symptoms at bay.
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